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Advice for retailers considering establishing a POS software connected website


With so many small business retailers implementing POS software connected websites, we are leaning into providing fresh and useful advice for for retailers early for them to consider this prior to making plans for their website.

We have developed this advice based on years of experience in creating Shopify sites for small business retailers.

This is written for people who think they want a Shopify website for their business but don’t know where to start, don’t know which option to go with, can’t see how you can make money, worry that you won’t have the time. If any of these is you, please start here.

You are not alone. These concerns, feelings, are common.

The reality is that a Shopify site will take more time than you can imagine. It most likely will not obviously make money, most don’t. We say obviously because there are ways websites make money beyond direct sales.

We suggest you approach launching a website as a start-up business. Sure, it may sell some or all of what you sell in your shop. However, it is different, it is its own thing with different needs and different opportunities. Seeing it as a start-up can help. Also, seeing it as a start-up could take you on a fresh path.

You need to love your website. If you don’t it will not get the attention and support it needs from you. By lovewe mean love what it sells, how it does this and how it represents you.

This brings us to what you sell online. That can only be resolved by you. It needs to be something, or a category of things, that people are searching for because if they are not looking, finding shoppers is much harder, something you feel good about.

Starting is key. In our experience, where people land with a website a year on, 2 years on and more is different to where they start. They would not have got there if they had not started. That is key in our view – starting, gaining experience, maybe stumbling or falling before moving on.

Think carefully about what you would like to sell, research it. Take your time. Make the move once you know. Starting before you know what you want to do could be a mistake.

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