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Updated POS software released for small business retailers


We are pleased to announce that earlier this week we released updated POS software for small business retailers.

This latest update delivers benefits requested by customers and voted on by customers. Yes, we have a transparent democratic process to guide the content of the software updates we develop.

Even though corona is impacting plenty of businesses, here at Tower Systems our POS software development, testing, documentation and support teams are busy delivering access to ur customers, helping them to benefit from constantly evolving software.

This latest update has been made available at no additional cost to current POS software customers.

The update has been released with comprehensive support notes including information on installation and use.

The update is part of our regular enhancement program offering regular small format updates enabling the faster evolution of the software following the major release early this year that reflected a generational shift in the tech underpinning our POS software and a similar shift in the tech at the heart of our database management.

With retail changing rapidly in 2020, it stands to reason that the tools retailers get the most from are those that are evolving, too, to maximise emerging opportunities.

For any with questions about what’s in the software update, in addition to excellent documentation, we offer one on one training as well as personal support from knowledgeable team members. This is the personal human service we have known for, delivering access to helpful tools our retailer customers can rely on, bank on.

As this POS software update was released we are advanced in developing the next update with several streams of enhancement underway across the multiple development projects under way.

This is how good software is developed, multiple streams at once, bringing them to market as they pass QA and beta and are ready for wide commercial release. It’s a tried and true structured process that results in stable software for our customers.

Tower Systems serves small business retailers in niche channels. We are a specialty POS software company serving businesses in Australia and New Zealand. Being across multiple channels in multiple situations broadens our experience and everyone benefits from this diversity.

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