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News from Tower Systems about locally made POS software for specialty local retailers.

Repairs / job management software for retailers offering on-store repairs to customers


The repairs / jobs management facilities in the Tower Systems POS software help jewellers, bike retailers and other businesses offering repairs facilities in their business to manage the repairs process, to better service repairs customers.

The repairs tools in the POS software provide management and service from the moment a repair is brought in to when it is collected.

The repairs tools in the POS software can handle situations where items are made from scratch as well as genuine repairs.

Using the repairs tools / jobs management facilities in the Aussie developed POS software, retailers can serve customers professionally, accurately and in a timely manner.

  1. Track customer details and the full repair / make request. You can load comprehensive text details of what is required, images and sketches – so that everything needed is recorded against the job.
  2. You can print a copy of the details for the customer including the terms and conditions.
  3. The software manages receiving and recording a deposit.
  4. The software can SMS text message the customer when the item is ready for collection.
  5. The repair / job information is stored for as long as you want. This is good where wedding rings and other event jewellery items are made.
  6. Track raw materials used.
  7. Track labour used.
  8. Understand full job costing.
  9. You can manage internal and external repairs.
  10. Receive progress payments.
  11. Print job cards, which you can customise.
  12. Report on repairs to understand work in progress, profitability and more.
  13. Track work by repairer.
  14. Maintain a current jobs list, including due dates.

These are just some of the facilities in this locally made repairs management / jobs management software that is part of the specialty POS software from Tower Systems.

The repairs management and jobs management facilities have been developed in consultation with retailers, in service of their evolving needs. They are part of our off the shelf solutions for retailers serving their repairs management and jobs management needs, to help them better serve their customers.

Tower Systems serves a range of specialty retail channels in Australia and New Zealand, with 3,000+ customers using its software from the counter to the back office to the workshop. We are grateful to these customers and proud to be in their service.

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