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Specialty retailers look for specialty facilities in POS software


What makes the Tower Systems POS software specialty POS software in service of specialty retailers. While the answer to that varies by retail channel, here are some of the specialty facilities in our POS software that play to our service of specialty retailers:

  1. Age check – helping to systemise your approach to ensuring that you sell age restricted product to eligible customers.
  2. Chemical notification. When you sell some items for which you are required to include a care notice based on chemical make-up.
  3. Scale integration. We have the government credentials.
  4. Supplier electronic invoice integration.
  5. Loyalty platform integration influencing FlyBys in New Zealand.
  6. Greeting card company systemised product categories and codes to facilitate deeper reporting.
  7. Gem and other jeweller specific gemstone data point recording and tracking.
  8. Outdoor product labels that are weatherproof.
  9. Secondhand goods customer tracking.
  10. Firearms customer detail tracking.
  11. Shopper postcode tracking.
  12. Pet care follow up date information so you can remind customers.
  13. Pet microchip details.
  14. Quote from POS – the ability to scan items on the POS and turn these easily into a quote for formal submission.
  15. Tracking delivery details separate from customer details.
  16. Text message to advise a customer their special order is in.
  17. One-off product make management tools tracking deposit, customer details, labour and materials.
  18. Special customer orders tracking orders places for customers.
  19. Product label personalisation so you can reflect your business style and approach on product labels.
  20. Smart receipts that include information you deem vital to share with customers about your business and products purchased.
  21. Birthday and anniversary reminders for customers.
  22. Bundling where people can purchase complete packages while you continue to track individual item sales.
  23. Serial number tracking.
  24. Colour / size / style product sales tracking.
  25. Direct Xero cloud based accounting integration.
  26. Direct Shopify integration.
  27. Direct Magento integration.
  28. Direct WooCommerce (WordPress) integration.
  29. Direct Tyro broadband EFTPOS integration.

This list is by no means complete. It is a glimpse into what specialty POS software looks like for specialty retailers. It shows the depth of specialisation in our POS software, built in to serve the needs of retailers keen to run software that serves their needs today and into the future in their specialty retail businesses.

Tower Systems is grateful to its customers for their service and insights that guide what we do every day here to gulp small business retailers do well.

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