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POS software for cleaning supplies businesses


We have discovered that our POS software is ideal for cleaning supplies businesses. Hmm, that’s not completely accurate. We did not discover this, some of our customers discovered it … for which we are sincerely grateful.

It turns out that some specialty facilities in our POS software serve unique needs of cleaning supply businesses, meaning that we now have POS software for cleaning supply businesses. Tada!

We are grateful for the cleaning supplies businesses using our POS software already. Their insights are helpful as we grow into this niche business channel.

Using our POS software, cleaning supply businesses are able to take care of key needs in their businesses, including but not limited to:

  • Product use information, to ensure customers have correct use information for cleaning products as and when required.
  • Serial number tracking. Tracking large items by serial number from dat of arrival through to sale.
  • Quote and¬†invoice¬†management. Creating quotes for customers, invoicing these and managing the data and associated processes.
  • Producing picking slips.
  • Handling multiple shipping locations per customer.
  • Special orders. Managing orders of items for specific customers.
  • Product storage information to ensure safe storage of cleaning products.
  • Bundling products together for easy purchase – this is especially useful for infrequent shoppers.
  • Age check for items that need to be sold with this description.
  • Customer billing including the billing of services where appropriate.
  • Tracking repairs is a cleaning business offers repairs of cleaning equipment./
  • Customer marketing follow up through email and similar campaigns.
  • Advice to customers by text message of special order arrival.
  • Click and collect.
  • Buy now pay later integrations.

Our Australian developed and supported POS software is rich in functionality and is regularly updated to take the software even deeper into specialty needs. This is what niche businesses look for in software, something that can evolve further to serve their needs. It’s why we call our business a vertical market POS software co – be cause vertical represents specialisation and that’s what cleaning supply businesses are, niche and specialty.

Using our POS software, cleaning supply businesses are able to manage their business and the products they sell in ways that are useful operationally and beneficial to the planning for the future. Our installation and training folk can help bring business goals to life through training in specialty parts of the software that serve cleaning supply businesses.

From stock control to insights reporting to accounting integration to website integration, what we offer is comprehensive. But, don’t take our word for it. See the software live in an online demonstration that is one on one, where your needs are explored and your questions are answered. It starts with a reach out to our sales team:

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