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POS software for organic produce businesses


More and more organic produce retailers are choosing the POS software from Tower Systems for managing their organic produce businesses.

The organic business POS software from Tower Systems has facilities that serve the needs of organic produce retailers well. Using this Aussie developed and supported POS software, organic produce businesses  can easily:

  1. Sell by weight thanks to government approved scale integration.
  2. Sell by fractions.
  3. Sell by bundles: singles, 4, 8, 8, 12 or a box – you choose.
  4. Bulk food sales are easy.
  5. Managing making your own goods is easy with multiple raw materials combining to create new product.
  6. Include product use and product care information on receipts.
  7. Reorder based on sales – tracing current sales to inform tomorrow’s purchases.
  8. Include product source information on receipts and product labels.
  9. Focus on locally sourced products and shine a light on this consistently.
  10. Sell on the road, at markets and elsewhere easily using our Retailer Roam App.
  11. Link direct for fast EFTPOS processing.
  12. Link to Xero and reduce bookkeeping costs.
  13. Receive electronic invoices from suppliers.
  14. Link to Shopify for online sales.
  15. Leverage local community groups with club and similar pricing.
  16. Special customer orders are easy with the software letting customers know when your order is in.
  17. Sell by scanning items or using a touchscreen – that you lay out to your needs.
  18. Use TAGS to easily group items by sales season, special interest and other criteria that could be useful to you in managing the business.

This organic business POS software is flexible beyond traditional thanks to the Tower Systems work across a range of specialty retail channels. We leverage knowledge and experience from them to create better software for each.

We are grateful for opportunities to demonstrate our POS software for organic produce retailers, to show as much detail as wanted, to offer the opportunity for retailers to determine for themselves if our software serves their needs.

Tower Systems serves more than 3,000 specialty retailers in Australia and New Zealand. We only sell to independent retailers, maintaining our focus on the small business end of commerce.

We make what we sell. This gives us control over the product and through this we continue to evolve the software and the services that support it.

With organic product businesses growing, Tower Systems is grateful for the opportunity to serve and be part of this growth.

See this software made for toy shops in a live online demo: please call 1300 662 957 or email

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