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Rent POS software and reserve cashflow in small business retail


Retailers are loving that they can rent the POS software from Tower Systems without having to pay to own the software.

Tower Systems introduced rental as an option over a year ago, in 2019, with the daily cost sitting at a few dollars a day for most marketplaces.

POS software gently is every 30 days with no long-term contract lock-in. Customers can end their rental through the month, prior to the start of the next month.

This provides small business retailers flexibility and ease of access.

There is no finance check, no debt check, no finance agreement. POS software rental is easy and fast to organise. Rental can be stopped. It can also be paused in the need arises.

This is a cash flow beneficial solution for small business retailers, enabling them to preserve capital for other purposes in the business.

By renting the Tower Systems POS software, small business retailers have access to, at no extra cost:

  • Software updates. These are released regularly and offer an evolutionary path for the software.
  • The opportunity to propose software enhancements. There is a public forum through which this is done, where all users can vote on suggestions.
  • Software help desk support. This is office based and staffed by humans who know the software well.
  • After hours support. This covers you for those urgent situations.
  • An online knowledgeable with more than 600 articles advising how to use the software.
  • Software training videos. Our top subjects are covered on easily accessed videos – learn at your own pace.
  • Group training workshops. These are on topics our customers suggest.
  • One on one training after the system is installed and initial training provided.
  • Theft check service.
  • Backup check service.

All of these facilities as well as the software itself are bundled into the low 30 day rental cost.

Making POS software rental even more appealing is that there is no cap on the number of terminals on which the software is used in a business. A shops cold run 7 terminals and the low cost per day is the same as it would be if they were running it on one terminal. This is another differentiator for Tower Systems and its POS software rental arrangements.

Tower Systems is grateful to serve customers in a diverse spread of retail business channels. It only services locally owned independent small business retailers.

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