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POS stands for Point of Sale. It’s an acronym. Computer people love acronyms.

POS, or Point of Sale, usually refers to POS software, Point of Sale software, software used in retail … you guessed it, at the point of sale.

Some people call it Point of Sales, but they are mistaken, it’s Point of Sale.

Tower Systems is a POS software company. We make POS software for specialty retailers in Australia and New Zealand.

Our POS software integrates with Shopify for seamless online sales.

Our POS software integrates with Tyro for seamless fast and safe EFTPOS processing.

Our POS software integrates with Xero for easier and more accurate bookkeeping.

Our POS software integrates with Magento for easy online selling.

Our POS software integrates with WooCommerce for low cost easy online selling.

Our POS software integrates with Linkly (PCeftpos) for EFTPOS with the major banks.

Our POS software integrates with OzBiz that connects stores with MYOB.

Our POS software integrates with with many suppliers and many other useful tools that serve small business retailers.

Using our POS software, small business retailers can transact sales at the point of sale. They can also manage their businesses through data gathered by the software, they can. plan, make decisions and look to the future.

Tower Systems offers POS software that goes beyond the POS, software that helps small business retailers compete locally as well as online.

We only sell to small businesses because we prefer to work with them, to strengthen them, that big businesses.

Being a local POS software company matters to small business retailers because it means that their support for us supports the local economy. It also means that our people will understand their local business needs. Offshore help desk people will struggle with local retailer needs and local nuances.

So, we like to support local retailers because local retailers support us. This is the circular relationship that is good for the local economy, of which we are a part.

Our POS software does not stand still. It is updated regularly, often every 6 to 8 weeks, with our customers in control as to when they update the software. They are iin control,. which small business retailers like.

We are grateful for our customers and the opportunities they present us with.

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