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POS software for kitchenware shops, made in Australia for local retailers


We are grateful to serve plenty of kitchenware retailers with POS software for kitchenware shops. This software has evolved out of our specialty retail POS software in a range of other retail channels.

We discovered that their software makes for ideal POS software for kitchenware businesses.

A couple of days ago, we shot a short video in-house to explore some of the areas of this software for kitchenware businesses that are popular in that retail channel:

Kitchenware shops do have specialty needs beyond traditional retail. These unique needs are not well served by everyday basic POS software and that’s why specialty POS software is ideal for serving the needs of these specialty retail businesses.

Embedded in our kitchenware POS software are facilities they can leverage such as the loyalty tools that feed into the unique nature of what they sell and the frequency with which those items are purchased. Using the right levers, kitchenware retailers can bring shoppers back to the business more frequently than may be usual.

The software also helps kitchenware businesses to track occasions, another important part of the kitchenware shop shopper mix. Tracking engagement, wedding, anniversary, new home and other life events enables the businesses to serve these needs, learn what is selling and to invite those shoppers back for more specifying opportunities.

Our POS software is loaded with tools like these that local kitchenware shops can leverage, to differentiate their businesses and to deliver value to the business and those who rely on the business.

This software is about bringing stocking and certain management to the business through proven business practices supported by the software.

More broadly, the EDI tools are terrific for helping retailers to easily and accurately import electronic invoices and electronic stock files from suppliers. This saves time and cuts mistakes. Add to that, the data feed to Xero through a partnership integration whereby sales data flows – also eliminating data entry and cutting mistakes.

Tower Systems is grateful to serve kitchenware shops with this POS software. If you would like to see the software, please call or email: We can do this one-on-one or with your team, including those you rely on for advice. We can also record the demonstration so that you can see it again, after the demonstration to be sure of what you have seen.

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