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How does the Tower Systems POS software compare to Vend and Lightspeed


How does your POS software compare to Vend?

How does your POS software compare to Lightspeed?

We get these questions a bit. We think it is because both companies advertise extensively, attracting good leads.

We don’t know their software and cannot compare our software to theirs. But … we are happy to compare, function for function, in front of anyone. Anyone looking at vend or Lightspeed and Tower Systems can com[pare the systems next to each other.

They can comp[are importing supplier invoices, handling sales, workshop management, integrating with payment platforms and more.

This type of comparison serves the customer best, which is key, since the decision has to be theirs 100%.

Considering comparing Tower Systems and its POS software with vend and Lightspeed, we’d note this about ourselves:

  1. We are and Australian POS software company developing and supporting POS software for Australian businesses and NZ businesses.
  2. We serve more than 3,500 customers.
  3. We make all the software we sell. We are in control.
  4. The leadership team of our company can be contacted by any customer – all of our customers have direct mobile numbers and email addresses.
  5. Our software is updated regularly with most update content coming from customer suggestions.
  6. We train our customers. We do not outsource this.
  7. We run our own help desk. We do not outsource this.
  8. Our software can be run in the cloud or on a desktop in the business.
  9. Our software can be rented for a few dollars a day.

Our software is not right for every business it is considered for. We will gladly say we are not right for someone. It really does depend on their business needs. Understanding those is our starting point.

Is our POS software better than that from Lightspeed or Vend? seriously, we do not know. We have been serving specialty retailers for decades with software that evolves. Early in 2020 we released new software, fresh, innovative, visually current and technically advanced. This new software is gaining excellent traction, for which we are sincerely grateful.

If you think we could be a good fit for your retail business, take a look for yourself. reach out to us for a personal demonstration and, if you would like, a function vy function comparison with vend or Lightspeed or both.

There are other competitors, but these two are the most energetic we see.

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