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Multistore retail POS software helps small business retailers manage their businesses


Tower Systems has for years offered a multistore POS software solution. Using this, our retail business customers have been able to use our multistore POS software to manage multiple retail locations centrally, with consistency and with a whole of business view without distracting from a local store level performance view.

We have retailers with 2 shipping using our multistore POS software solutions. That’s at the smaller end of the multistore marketplace. We have retailers with 15 and more retail outlets using our multistore POS software solution at the mid-size end of the multistage marketplace.

Using our multistore POS software solution, small business retailers can add more stores as their business model grows. Each store, draws off common inventory data. The stores run in the cloud, making managing them from a tech perspective easy and safe and fast.

We have used this software ourselves in a network of gift shops we had for years and used this personal experience with the software to fitness what it does, how it works and its usefulness as a business management solution.

This personal use of the software set us up for beneficial changes that have helped more retailers in the multistore retail situation.

Our software is made for independent small business retailers in Australia and New Zealand. The multistore version of the POS software continues to evolve, to be better at serving the needs of small business retailers, more useful at helping them manage inventory, customers and other data points across multiple retail locations. This includes loyalty, gift cards and more as you see in multistore business situations.

But like any POS software use consideration, take your time to ensure that this multistore software is suitable to your needs. It keeps evolving and this blog post does not represent what it may do today. Take a close look, be clear about your needs and see for yourself whether this POS software is good software for your multistore retail business management needs.

To find out more about the Tower Systems POS software, please email the sales team at or take a look at our website,, for a look through each of the niche retail products we offer, to see if we might serve your specific business needs.

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