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Black Friday sales for retailers using POS software


Embedded in the Tower Systems POS software are smart tools for leveraging Black Friday sales opportunities and more. These are tools that have multiple levers, multiple opportunities for retailers with which to compete with online retailers and big businesses.

Black Friday sales can be won by being smart and engaged, going beyond the usual straight discount. There is where the POS software from Tower Systems can help small business retailers differentiate.

Thanks to the seamless Shopify link, selling online to win Black Friday sales is achievable too with minimal business investment.

With the Black Friday sales a few days away, Tower systems has been busy offering advice and help to small business retailers, to help them make the most of the opportunity in 2020. We have been doing this based on experience in past years and as a result of our work across plenty of retail channels in physical stores using our POS software as well as online.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday and now key selling opportunities for retailers and our job as a POS software company is to offer our retail business partners opportunities to leverage these opportunities as much as they are able in-store and online.

Our Black Friday sales opportunities include bundling, BOGO offers, hampers, straight discounts, bonus product offers, post sales discounts and more. There are plenty of opportunities for helping small business retailers to have a terrific Black Friday opportunity this year.

It is easy for small business retailers to say Black Friday is not for me. We disagree, there are many opportunities that we see. It takes planning and engagement and this is where the options available ion our POS software come to play to help drive sales outcomes.

From our help desk team members to our marketing team to our leadership team, we are able to help small business retailers to win terrific business in Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Our goal is to help many retailers new to Black Friday to have a terrific experience.

Black Friday is a good example of how we help beyond our POS software by itself. We have in the software tools that help achieve this. We back this with advice and support. We do this from the context of our own retail business ownership and management experience – reaching beyond what’s traditional for a software company.

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