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Repairs / workshop management software embedded in our POS software


Embedded in the Tower Systems POS software is comprehensive repairs / workshop management software.  This software has evolved over the years, initially in service of bike shops and jewellers and now working in a range of specialty and niche retail and service businesses.

Having repairs / workshop management software embedded in the POS software is key for inventory and m=labour management internally, without relying on multiple software packages and opening the possibility of a demarcation dispute between software vendors.

With many businesses in different retail channels already using the repairs / workshop management software in the Tower Systems POS software, the company has a deep well of experience from which to draw, to serve needs of many different retailers.

This is comprehensive software, packed with facilities, including plenty of options through which you can configure settings for the Repairs module such as printing job cards, terms and conditions and deposits, for example.

Here are the various settings within Repair Options of the repairs / workshop management software facilities in the Tower Systems POS software and their functions:

  • Job Card Setup
    • Select job cards to print out (For Repairer, Customer and/or Internal)
    • Select size of job card and which printer to print to
    • Fonts used on the job card
  • Customer Job Card Terms & Conditions
    • Terms and conditions that print on the Customer Job Card
  • Repair Options
    • Hide/Show cost prices
    • Creating and printing invoices when finalizing repairs
    • Fee descriptions on receipts/invoices
  • Calculating Expected Pickup Dates
    • Default date and time for expected pickups
  • Job Packets / A4 Job Cards / A5 Job Cards
    • Details to print on Job Cards
  • Repair Deposits
    • Force a deposit before repairs can be created
    • Set the minimum deposit amount

This is just the start. There are plenty of options that enable a business using the software to tailor settings so that they work well for the needs of the business.

The repairs / workshop management software facilities in the Tower Systems POS software allows you to create and manage repair jobs, an essential component for bike shops and jewellers. Before we start using the feature, however, it is advisable to configure some default options to make the the process more seamless in the future. Once configured, these options will be readily available for selection instead of having to enter everything from scratch each time.

Tower Systems supports this software with training and comprehensive support services.

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