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Can your POS software handle different terms for different customers?


We were asked the other day by a produce / farm business whether your POS software can handle different terms for different customers? Our answer is yes, using our produce business software retailers can offer customers different trading terms.

Using our produce business POS software, a business could have 3 different customers with each having their own trading terms. The extent to which you can set trading terms is set by the business, based on parameters in the software.

There is no requirement that all customers have the one consistent set of trading terms.

This is critical in the produce business / farm supply business space.

We are grateful to offer our retailers the opportunity for flexible trading terms using our POS software. In so many situations we see this and key, essential, necessary to safe and sound business management.

Serving in excess of 3,500 small business retailers in specialty retail channels, we have built into our locally developed and supported POS software facilities like this that enable flexible retail business management.

In the complex and demanding produce business space we find facilities like these to be key and differentiating for Tower Systems. We are able to serve our customers with solutions they love, thanks in part the the maturity of tools like these that we offer our customers.

We were so thrilled when we said yes, we can handle several customer account terms in our POS software for produce and farm supply businesses. The business folks we were answering were happy too. It is wonderful being able to serve niche and key business needs like these.

In rural and regional business situations we particularly find requirements for flexibility like this. It is interesting seeing how business owners leverage this flexibility in customer accounts management to drive business outcomes. Seeing first-hand how flexibility in the software plays for their business is a thrill, it encourages to help in more ways.

This is what POS software is all about, helping local small businesses compete, and through this to become more valuable for all who rely on the businesses.

Tower Systems serves retail businesses across more than 10 retail channels and each is specialty in nature, each encouraging more from the software, each offering wonderful learning opportunities for us and those we serve.

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