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Seamless POS software Shopify integration helps more small business retailers easily sell online


Tower Systems offers seamless integration of its POS software with Shopify, sharing sales data, inventory data and inventory images. The flow of data from the POS to Shopify and from Shopify to the POS software means that small business retailers can deliver a whole of business approach to data management for physical and online sales.

Better still, Tower Systems developed Shopify websites for customers, in addition to developing POS software for specialty retailers.

Our POS software development team and our web development team are separate in our POS software company but they do collaborate, to ensure that the Shopify POS software integration is seamless, robust and to the standards expected by Shopify.

As a Shopify partner, we are grateful to have delivered for our customers in this area, providing a seamless two-way data link between Shopify and our POS software.

Last year, we helped many retailers sell online through our Shopify POS software integration. In 2021 we are set to help even more.

We offer a fixed price Shopify site development solution, guiding our customers through product selection, design, editorial, theme selection and go-live. Our approach is comprehensive. It is assisted by a strong and direct link to Shopify from our POS software, built to the standards set by Shopify.

We go further…

Through a consultative process, the web specialists at Tower help retailers discover how they can genuinely differentiate online to attract new shoppers, especially shoppers who are not local, shoppers who may otherwise not know the business exists.

By researching current search engine data as to what people are searching for, Tower Systems has been able to help retailers pivot online while using the existing business for labour and other overheads.

While the temptation is for retailers to represent their existing business online, the most success is had by retailers who treat their website as a start-up, a new business. This is where the comprehensive keyword research by Tower can help unlock commercially valuable opportunities.

Selling online is hard work made easier if you get the technical foundations right first. This is where Tower Systems can help, it is where our POS software / Shopify integrated solution helps small business retailers – to get online, sell online and through this to find new shoppers who might otherwise never have discovered the retail business.

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