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Fixed price POS software connected Shopify website development


Tower Systems offers a fixed price website development solution for retailers keen to sell online using Shopify. Our POS software connected Shopify websites are made to serve the needs of each retail business that partners with us.

We engage in a discovery process to ensure we genuinely understand their business needs. Our website development team then works with them to create a beautiful POS software connected Shopify website.

The work is considerable, detailed, interactive and focussed solely on delivering for the retail business the POS software connected website solution they want. And, yes, all of this is delivered on a fixed price basis.

We went with offering fixed price Shopify website development because of the need we saw and the discovery that too often web developers hooked people with a lowball quote and then applied add-on charges, making the website far more expensive than needed.

Our fixed price Shopify POS software connected solution has already been embraced by many retailers with commercial success, helping them to sell to shoppers who live in other states and even countries.

Our approach is structured from the outset, undertaken with the goal of delivering what our retail business customers want. We have found that by engaging in through pre-planning we are able to deliver happiness to our customers. The old adage of measure three times and cut once is true when it. comes to our fixed price Shopify POS software connected website service.

Our Tower Systems Shopify website development service is 100% based out of our Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia office. This matters as our web development people understand the needs of local retail. They work local hours. They have the cultural and retail knowledge experiences to deliver an intuitive and engaging Shopify website solution. And, again, this is a fixed price service.

We suggest you approach launching a website as a start-up business. Sure, it may sell some or all of what you sell in your shop. However, it is different, it is its own thing with different needs and different opportunities. Seeing it as a start-up can help. Also, seeing it as a start-up could take you on a fresh path.

You need to love your website. If you don’t it will not get the attention and support it needs from you. By lovewe mean love what it sells, how it does this and how it represents you.

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