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POS software sales referral program


Tower Systems offers a POS software sales lead referral program for IT professionals, computer shops, accountants, bookkeepers and other professionals who feel that our POS software could serve the needs of a client.

The goal of our POS software lead referral program is to respect the time and professional interest of accountants, IT professionals and others in considering our POS software for their clients and contacts.

Tower Systems is a vertical market POS software company. That is, we sell software designed for specific retail channels. The home page of our website lists all the retail channels in which we serve at any time.

While we may sell/rent/lease our software to businesses outside the retail channels listed, it is rare and only when approved by the leadership team of the company.

We currently serve in excess of 3,000 small business retailers primarily in Australia and New Zealand.

We actively promote our software through direct mail, social media marketing, search engine ads, trade shows and on radio and TV.

We are happy to demonstrate our POS software with advisers there, like accountants and IT professionals. We welcome their questions and discussion on behalf of their clients. This is how a good POS software lead referral program works in our view.

In addition to developing awesome POS software, we also develop websites for our customers in-house, at our Hawthorn, Victoria, head office. This results in websites more finely tuned to the needs of local retailers as we understand local retail.

To maintain standards and ensure transparency, Tower Systems manages the lead referral program out of its head office.

To express interest to be part of the lead referral program, please email This is also the entry point for any queries. We will provide a document that outlines the program, how it works and what we offer.

Thank you for considering working with Tower Systems to empower small business retailers to run more efficient and successful businesses.

If you think our specialty retail POS software may suit the needs of your clients, please reach out to us at and let’s see if we are a good fit for your clients and for you.

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