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Comparing Tower Systems POS software to Lightspeed


We do not like to do this, compare our POS software to any other POS software. So, despite the headline for this blog post, we will not compare our POS software to the Lightspeed software.

We do not use Lightspeed in our own shops. We have never used Lightspeed. So, we have no ability to reasonably compare our POS software to Lightspeed.

However, we have customers using our Tower Systems POS software who have switched from Lightspeed POS software to our POS software. Here’s what they tell us they like about Tower Systems, our POS software and our people.

Easy access to customer service. When you call for POS software support a human answers the phone, listens to your description of the question or issue and then helps.

Having a say in software enhancement. We have a structured and transparent process through which our customers suggest software enhancement ideas, many of which make it into the software.

Easy access to more training. Tower Systems offers several options for top-up training long after the POS software is first used. This training can be free or for a small cost depending coin the need and situation. the key is that extra training is easily accessible.

Being local. We are a local POS software company serving local small businesses. That places our experiences closer to yours, more relevant to your situation.

We serve small indie retail businesses. We do not sell to large corporations, large businesses. This means each customer matters as much as the others. Our customers are equal, with equal voices and equal importance. Small business retailers tell us they love this.

Leadership team access. Every one of our customers has easy access to our leadership team by email and mobile phone. yes, we are that accessible.

Update timing. Our customers choose when to update their Tower Systems POS software. They appreciate this control.

Local. being developed local matters to local retailers. It’s a difference Tower Systems leverages for its customers, understanding local needs and the opportunities local retailers themselves seek to leverage.

We are grateful to any small indie retail business considering our POS software and commit to serving the local needs of these businesses to the best of our ability.

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