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EPOS now – British software in Australia and New Zealand


EPOS is the term the Brits use for POS software. We’re not sure why they have the e in EPOS. If you see a company using EPOS in their name or for the name of their software or the type of software they sell, it could be they are not making software locally or may not be a local company.

This may seem like a trivial point, writing about EPOS now, talking about the term EPOS. The thing is, we have been asked the question as if we are missing something because we don’t have the e in our description that we are a POS software company, that we are not an EPOS software company.

The only difference is we develop software locally for local marketplaces using local terminology. This local focus matters to local businesses. You can see our local roots and focus in our software and documentation. It’s 100% local, made for local businesses. We are not using terms that are not local, we are not using a software label that makes sense overseas but not so much here.

This is why we are writing about EPOS now, because there is software being pitched in Australia and New Zealand that emanates from Britain yet it is being pitched as being local. It’s not. It was developed in the UK, which is okay in that the UK has some fine programmers. But, there are fine programmers in Australia and New Zealand who live locally, who shop locally, and who speak using local terms. We think these are factors that matter.

Local software development matters. Think of it as local film and TV making in that they tell local stories. Locally made POS software tells local stories too. We know that in our POS software we have ways you can shine a light on local, we have ways you can use your local voice in support of your business. That we have included such tools is part of a suite of ways we represent local with and for you, in ways we think you won’t find in EPOS software.

Tower Systems makes POS software, without the e, for specialty local retailers. Local retail businesses matter, especially to local communities. We are grateful for the thousands of local businesses that have supported and continue to support our locally focussed business.

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