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Updated toy shop software helps local toy shops compete


What makes our toy shop POS software special? It’s kind of an arrogant question to pose here. It’s real though. It is a question often asked in the sales process. Toy show owners want to know how we see ourselves. Well, let’s try and answer that today. We’d like to do this through the prism of service of local toy shops, because service of local retailers is core to our business.

We are sincere in our interest in and focus on local retail. Local matters. Local shops matter. Walk down any Main Street in any town and you can see it. We’d much prefer to shop these shops than a national chain any day. This is one reason we are so focussed on local retail here at Tower Systems.

But, back to toy shops and our toy shop POS software. we thought about what makes our toy shop POS software special in terms of a top 5 … because who doesn’t love a top 5?

The top 5 reasons our Toy Shop software is ideal for local Australian toy shops.

In developing this list, we thought about it as retailers. We’ve owned and run retail shops in the toy / collectibles / gift niches since the late 1990s.

  1. Local matters. Local toy shops make a vital contribution to local communities and families nearby. Our software helps you leverage this, to differentiate your business from big competitors.
  2. You can bank on loyalty. There is excellent data revealing the lifetime value of a family and those they purchase for. Leveraging this through smart loyalty tools and marketing tuned for toy shops helps you maximise the opportunity.
  3. Safe decisions make for a better P&L. While following your gut can see you catch wins, safe decisions, those based on the data, are bankable. From data feeds from suppliers through your POS to accounting software, we help you nurture data for the safe decisions.
  4. Not every shopper will walk past your door. A smart and seamless connection between your software and a website can help you sell to people you will never meet. This should be easy, certain and financially rewarding.
  5. You are a key asset. You and the people in your business are a differentiator to big business competitors. Too often we see toy retailers not leverage themselves. Our software helps correct this … because you and your knowledge are an asset.

Our locally made and supported toy shop POS software is more than this top 5, much more. We’d love to show it to you, to let you see it first-hand, to see if it might serve your business needs.

The big news is that we have released an update to our toy shop software. It’s out now, fresh and ready for service.

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