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Candle shop POS software helps candle retailers better serve customers


We were thrilled to discover how useful our POS software is for candle shops. So much so that we’re happy to pitch it as candle shop POS software, software suited ideally to the management needs of candle shops.

Here are some of the ways our candle shop POS software suits candle shops:

  • Product care information is served automatically on receipts and at other shopper touchpoint in-store as well as online. For a candle shop, we understand product care information can be differentiating.
  • Ingredient details. Noting what is in a product, especially a candle product, can nurture customer satisfaction.
  • For candle shops that make candles on-site, our manufactured goods facilities in the candle shop POS software enable to tracking of raw materials for appropriate inventory control and margin management.
  • With many locally made products in a candle shop made on a just in time basis, finely tuned inventory management can help local candle shops / candle makers keep track of inventory needs so that sales are maximised without large inventory levels being held.
  • Candle shoppers are loyal once they find a shop with the range they like. Thanks to smart and innovating loyalty tools, our Tower Systems candle shop POS software encourages shoppers to return for purchases again and agin without being in your face about it and without pitching a convoluted loyalty pitch.
  • Seasonal performance reporting. Candle scents are popular on a seasonal basis. Understanding this through reporting tracking helps candle retailers to better range inventory to maximise seasonal opportunities.

Our candle shop POS software is ideal for local candle shops that operate in a shop or on the road at markets.

The popularity of candles spiked through 2020 due to the Coronavirus pandemic. For many candle retailers, interest in and engagement with candles has continued with many first time shoppers returning. Our software helps maximise the opportunity in-store as well as online through our Shopify e-commerce integration. We make it easy for candle shops to sell online, thereby reaching even more shoppers.

Tower Systems serves several thousand small business retailers in Australia and New Zealand – with POS software that we make and support and Shopify websites that we make and support. You can connect with us at or on 1300 662 957 or 0800 444 267 (NZ).

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