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Workshop software for retail businesses with workshops


Our Australian made workshop software has been an integral part of our POS software for many years. It continues to evolve thanks to insights as to teen ds shared by our customers.

Originally developed for jewellers and bike shops, our workshop software has evolved in function to serve a variety of business needs including sewing machine repairs, farm equipment repairs and more.

This workshop software serves in a range of business needs. It is POS software connected, Xero accounting software integrated and able to deliver tracking and other facilities needed in workshop management including:

  • Tracking inventory used in jobs.
  • Internal and external job tracking.
  • Customer interface with advice as to when a job is ready. This includes text message and email advice.
  • Tracking labour invested in a job.
  • Stock control.
  • Notes as to what has been done in a job.
  • POS software connected.
  • Employee engagement tracking.
  • Workflow tracking.

This workshop management software is designed for small business retailers that have a workshop need within their businesses. Evolving out of local small business needs, the workshop software has stayed true to its roots.

The best way to assess the workshop software is to see for yourself if it serves your business needs. We will happily show the software to anyone looking for workshop management software.

With specialist software like our workshop management software, it is important it is thoroughly assessed and chosen by business owners who are sure it is the right fit for their business. We’re not here to push it, to sell it to you. We have found the opposite approach serves our business and the business of prospective clients well.

Workshop management is different in different businesses, even within businesses in the same channel. This is why the needs of a business need to be understood and agreed within that business before they start assessing different workshop management software packages out there.

Tower Systems has many years of service in the area of small business workshop management. It is grateful for the diversity of its customer base, which enables diverse in function software to be offered.

To see if this workshop management software may be right for you, please email or call 1300 662 957.

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