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Game shop POS software helps local game shops sell in-store and online


The Tower Systems POS software for game shops has evolved from our work with local specialty toy shops. We are grateful to have discovered that our toy shop POS software serves local specialty game retailers well, making it ideal POS software for game shops.

Using this Australian made POS software, specialty game retailers are able to serve the specialty needs of their specialty businesses. This is POS software for game shops that truly specialise. Proof can be found in some of the facilities offered by this software:

  • Easy selling by barcode, product code or touch button.
  • Serving your own notes with products sold – helping you to sell your specialisation with each product.
  • Categorising products to make searching easier than traditional. the TAGS facilities in our software help this with awesome side views.
  • A loyalty facility that is tailored to infrequent shoppers, facilities that help you make more from that visit, maximising basket depth.
  • Second hand goods – offering tools for good record keeping and product tracking.
  • Handling special customer orders.
  • Club pricing that helps you tap into members of local games clubs.
  • Linking to buy now pay later platforms.
  • Direct integration with Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce.
  • Brand performance insights.
  • What sells with what data insights that can help with shop floor placement and out of store marketing.
  • Theft mitigation through reporting on unexpected stock discrepancies – cal help with employee and shopper theft.
  • Bundling – enabling better serving of shoppers purchasing for special interests and occasions.
  • Easy loading of electronic invoices from suppliers.
  • Easy loading of stock files from suppliers.
  • Ordering based on stock on hand data.
  • Reporting on seasonal sales.
  • easy identification of dead stock.

Using this POS software for game shops you can expect to enjoy a valuable view of the performance of your game shop – from in the shop or afar – if you manage the business remotely.

Thanks to our work with local specialty toy shops we have developed solutions for some data situations that are unique to that channel that play our for specialty game retailers, too.

This POS software for game shops from Tower Systems could be an ideal solution for your specialty game shop. The easy way to determining if it is a good fit is for your to see the software for yourself through an obligation free demonstration. We are grateful for opportunities to do this and to understand your specific business needs.

The key with POS software for game shops is to see if it fits your needs. The Tower Systems commitment is to let you know if we think our software is not a good fit. We;’re not high pressure. We treat every demonstration as a learning opportunity for us.

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