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Fixed price POS software connected Shopify sites for local retailers


The Tower Systems approach to Shopify website development and connection to our specialty retailer POS software is thorough. it includes …: For ease of reference and clarity, below is a numbered list of all work and tasks included in the above quote and work you will have to do. This is the complete list.

  1. Shopify account. We would use our development account until such time, as we deliver the live site to you. Once this has occurred you will need your own Shopify account and we will transfer the site to you.  We can help you get your own account.
  2. Template / theme selection. We will guide you through template / theme selection options. You will have free choice over any theme available at Many templates have no cost while some have a cost, paid to Shopify. We will also fund the purchase of a paid-for theme up to US$250.00 in value if that is the theme you want.
  3. Overall design to be applied to the template selected to customise the look and feel of the site. While there is back and forth involved, the design process is not priced to be an extended back and forth process. Please be clear and concise in articulating our needs. We will listen to your brief and provide a design for your consideration. Adjustments can be made within the quote but any major diversion from the original brief may add to the cost.
  4. The site we create will have the following elements:
    1. Including text and images (which you are to provide), and site navigation. We would also include a business location map.
    2. Social media links to any business accounts you have for: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.
    3. About page. Your text, describing you and your business. This will need to be between 150 and 350 words. Well written, clear as to what you and your business are about.
    4. Legal / Privacy Policy. We can use yours or you can edit ours and use it.
    5. Terms and conditions page: terms and conditions that you can modify.
    6. Contact us page showing your contact details as well as an enquiry form.
    7. Configured Product Page showing the images and details about products.
    8. Shopify Chat setup, if you want chat turned on.
    9. Blog feed. A blog allows you to publish your own news stories. These can be critical for helping people find the site through Google.
  1. The setup of loading of products into the site via a live link to the Retailer software. We would need you to have this data in Retailer ready for export.
  2. Interfacing to payment gateways: Shopify Pay, Apple Pay, Stripe and Paypal.
  3. OPTION: Interfacing to Humm, Zip and Afterpay. The work is all done at once for all 3 or for those of the 3 you go with. It is vital you do all at once.
  4. Training: over the phone and usually around two hours. We’d like 2 people from the business there as we have found this helps the business get the most from it.

There is more to the work we do than this. It is detailed, comprehensive and small business retail ourcome focussed. Oh, and all done in Australia for local Aussie businesses.

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