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Workshop management software for jewellers and bike shops


The workshop management facilities in the jeweller POS software and bike shop software from Tower Systems offer support for managing customer repair and other jobs.

Embedded in the POS software itself, these tools have evolved over time to serve the needs particularly of bike retailers and jewellers … and long the way have been found to be useful in. myriad others retail businesses in which workshop management facilities have been found to be important.

From the moment a job is setup or opened, the Tower Systems POS software tracks work, parts and other aspects of the job. It also manages contacting the customer when collection c an be made, when the job is done.

Connected to our inventory management tools, this software really does help a retail business track everything used in a workshop job, giving a business an overall level of visibility and control, which is crucial to understanding the performance of that part of the business.

Having the workshop management tools embedded in the software offer bike shops and jewellers a low cost alternative for managing repair and product build jobs without the need to source additional software at an additional cost.

Growing out of our POS software connected workshop management software, our spare parts inventory software has become critical to accurately recording sale and use of spare parts in repairs as well as over the counter to customers.

Offering tracking by brand, use, supplier, barcode, SKU and more, this spare parts inventory software works in a range of situations and businesses. Motor bike businesses, trailer sale and repair businesses, bike shops, jewellers, outdoors businesses, farm supply businesses, pool maintenance businesses … they can all use this spare parts inventory software.

In addition to managing workshop jobs, this  software offers multiple reporting tools that enable various views of inventory performance. The flexibility in the reporting is useful and a key factor in the software serving needs across several types of spare parts related businesses. Accessibility to these and other reporting tools enables easier remote business management, which is a need that has come into its own in recent times.

Tower Systems is grateful to serve thousands of independent, local and small business retailers across a range of retail channels.

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