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Helping garden centres win from online sales through garden centre POS software e-commerce connection


More and more garden centres are selling online and Tower Systems is grateful to help garden centres achieve this. Through our garden centre POS software, garden centres can easily connect to a beautiful Shopify website for easy selling online.

Thanks to the seamless connectivity within the garden centre POS software, product data including care instructions and images flow through to the website, with the retailer being able to control online pricing, freight settings and more. sales from the website flow back thrugh the POS software, making ti easy to sell from the business in-store as well as online and being able to manage inventory levels to meet shopper expectations.

Tower Systems offers a one stop solution for garden centres with its garden centre POS software as well as beautiful Australian-made Shopify websites – giving garden centres a valuable and connected solution for e-commerce.

Garden centres can rent our garden centre POS software for a few dollars a day. they can have a beautiful POS software connected website for their garden centre created and live for a fixed price, usually around $6,600.00 (inc. GST).

By getting the POS software and the website from the one business you have more certainty, better connectivity and a better business solution in our view.

Too often we see small business retailers pay a web consultant anything between $5,000 and $15,000 for an awful website, one not connected to your POS software. Our goal is to deliver what you want, for a fixed price of $6,600.00 (inc GST).

See some of the beautiful websites we have created:

Garden centres have unique needs when it comes to selling online. Our considerable work serving this channel has helped us develop a skill set in this space that is useful in helping garden centres get online in an efficient and successful way.

With many garden centres using our specialty retail garden centre POS software, we are well positioned from within the POS software to deliver websites that leverage what makes a garden centre special.

Before we start creating a website for your business, we want to know about what you need from the site, your competitors and how you’d like to handle things like shipping, payment methods and more.

Talk to us about our Specialty retail POS software or a fixed price Shopify website.


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