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News from Tower Systems about locally made POS software for specialty local retailers.

Aussie made POS software for local gift shops helps them leverage their uniqueness


If you own a gift shop, let’s talk …

What’s unique about your business? Why should people shop with you over an online store, a department store or some other local or nearby gift shop? What sets you apart? What is memorable about your business? How consistent is the shopping experience in your shop? How efficient in your business? Does your gift shop make you happy?

So many questions, so much to unpack. And, maybe, you are wondering why a POS software company even wonders about these questions. Like, seriously, what does this have to with gift shop POS software? Why are nerds asking these questions.

We care.

Seriously, we care. Okay, we are nerds too, but we do care and have cared for many may years.

Our business relies on thriving local gift shops, small business gift shops, independent gift shops. We need you to be successful as much as you need your business to be successful.

This is why we have built and continue to build into our gift shop POS software facilities, tools and nuggets on which you can rely to bank better results.

If you are thinking of turning off because this reads as too salesy, too glib, please don’t. We are trying to show that we do care about local gift shops, businesses like yours.

In our Aussie made and supported specialty gift shop POS software you have access to cool and useful tools that can help:

  • Encourage shoppers to spend more each visit.
  • Take away the guessing of what to stock.
  • Strengthen your negotiating position with suppliers.
  • Streamline the shopper experience.
  • Eliminate manual processes in the shop.
  • Help you offer a more personalised service.
  • Reduce the cost of theft.

This is smart gift shop POS software made solely for local independent gift shops. It has been made to help that channel of businesses compete with much bigger businesses. It does this by helping to leverage you and your people and your knowledge, by helping to consistently pitch local without shouting and by giving you tools that match and, in our view, pass what the big end of town retailers use to chase customers.

So, yes, we are nerds. But … we are nerds who understand retail, especially local retail, independent retail, gift shop retail.

We help you shine a light on what is unique. We help you sell in-store and online. We help you compete with big business. We help you shine a light on what sets you apart. We help you provide a memorable experience. We nurture consistency. We guide efficiency. We help you and those who work in your business enjoy it more.

This is locally made gift shop POS software we are proud to offer.

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