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Updated Charity Shop / Op. Shop POS software helps these community shops connect locally


Tower Systems is grateful to work with a diverse and engaged mix of charities and community groups through providing charity shop  / op. shop software.

Our work spans local op. shops, charity shops, community group shops, church bookshops, community groups with online shops and more. It is a diverse pool of businesses / shops / community groups we serve with our charity shop  / op. shop software. The diversity helps in that it opens our eyes to more opportunities for service.

We were surprised when first approached years ago by a community group and, then, thrilled to discover that our specialty retail PO software has facilities embedded in the software that serve the needs of charity shops, community retail businesses and the quintessential Aussie Op. Shop.

Our op. shop software , opportunity shop software, charity shop software helps these businesses, these community run and community serving businesses, to run more efficiently, accurately and successfully.

We are used to dealing with committees and boards of management as software is assessed and consideration given to the needs of the shop in the context of the charter of the community group or charity. We offer to software the software multiple times so that all stakeholders are able to see what they need to see in order to make their own assessment.

From tracking inventory, rewarding shoppers, understanding sales performance and helping volunteers run the business, this POS software for charity shops and opportunity shops helps local charities in their mission of service. The software can sell items by barcode, inventory product code, price point grouping, description, PLU code or more. There is flexibility as to how a charity business tracks what it sells . This flexibility serves the data, time management and financial management needs of the business.

This op. shop software / charity shop software / social enterprise retail management software serves in a diverse mix of situations and offers facilities backed with flexibility. Indeed, this is what it is – social enterprise POS software made for the charity sector.

We can organise to show this software to those sunning the charity shop, the board or committee. To arrange this and tell us more about your needs, email: or call 1300 662 957.

Australian made. Australian supported. We are grateful for people who shop local.

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