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Transparency matters when considering POS software companies


When considering a POS software company for your retail business, consider accessibility. While the software itself is important, knowing how to drive it and how to leverage it matters as it is this that will determine how much value you get from the POS software.

Transparency is key. Here are examples of POS software company transparency, in areas where customer value is the core focus. These are all things we offer here at Tower Systems:

  • Regular customer forums with our leadership team, including our software development management team – to preview new facilities in development as well as to ask any questions or provide any feedback.
  • Use of professional platforms for group meetings and sessions, such as a commercial licence for Zoom, rather than cheap or free platforms that are not of the same quality or that may not offer the same security. Professional software companies use professional tools.
  • A structured process for suggesting and voting on POS software changes.
  • Easy access to a clear escalation process should there be a query or request for further assistance on any issue.
  • Unlimited top-up training after the software is installed and setup.
  • The ability to understand and assess software changes before you decide whether to install the software update. Software that is auto-installed without user input or control of limited, often frustrating.
  • Easy access to the CEO level of the business.
  • Access to the business through multiple entry points: phone, email, social media, web form and more. Being able to make contact where it works best for you is key.

Why do these points matter? It’s simple, really … the value you derive from the POS software in your business is more likely to be determined by the level of service from the POS software company than the software itself. Not always is this the case, but often it is. Good software backed by poor and non-trans[parent service will not be good software for you.

This is why it is vital to thoroughly investigate the company behind the POS software, to fully understand the people and their service model. This will guide your decision and help you see if the company is as helpful as it needs to be in service of your business needs and goals.

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