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POS software customers engage in software ideas forum


We are grateful for the terrific session with our POS software customers last week in which we discussed software enhancement ideas and how our transparent software Ideas platform works.

Established in March 2009 and inspired by US author Jeff Jarvis and his book What Would Google Do?, the Software Ideas platform has been a wonderful Gide to opportunities for software enhancements as much as for customer education – when ideas suggested already exist in the software.

The Tower Systems customer forum last week explored several POS software enhancement idea suggestions and shared with customers how to submit ideas and vote on them.

What makes a good software enhancement idea?

  1. Something that removes a pain point. We call pain points friction. We are keen to remove friction. It could be an extra keystroke, a screen design that could be easier to follow, more meaningful text. This type of change request is usually about us editing what we have today.
  2. Something that adds value to your specific retail channel. We are a vertical market software company, with software for specific retail channels. The more we serve the needs of a retail channel the more sales we can expect … and all customers benefit from this.
  3. Wide appeal. We like changes that will benefit many hundreds of retailers. We all like to think that how we run our businesses is how everyone in our niche should run their business. It’s not as simple as that. So, in making a software change or enhancement suggestion, please consider broad appeal beyond your business.
  4. Easy. We are not afraid to take on complex changes, we love easy changes as an easy win is good for us and good for you. Each changes are easy to put at the top of the queue.

Our transparent approach to software ideas is a differentiator for us … for which we are grateful.

Tower Systems is a vertical market POS software company serving a range of specialty retail channels with software tailored to their needs. It is this specialisation that is served by the company’s transparent approach to harvesting ideas from customers as it leads to better software for the niche retail channels.

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