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Helping retailers fix problematic websites


We offer a service whereby we help small business retailers fix problems with websites created for them by another business.

While our preference is to create a fresh website using the skills of our webbed team, in some cases it is better to fix what others have done. So, that’s what we do.

We help our customers connect their tower POS software to their Shopify, WooCommerce or Magento website. W have a proprietary platform through data flows between the website and the POS software, s0o that the POS software maintains accurate stock on hand data.

It is frustrating seeing some of the mistakes in websites delivered to customers by external web developers. They range from poor design through to technical failures. All fixable, but all should have been addressed as part of the solution delivered.

Our skills webbed team is ale to help our small business retail customers fix many of the website problems they have been left with by others. Sometimes, this work evolves into a re-design to make the website look more presentable.

With the website an online representation of a retail shop, it is important to get it right, to get the website itself right as well as the connection to the website with the POS software right. We offer web developers a ton of help to do this. Unfortunately, some of them reject that help, thinking they know better. oo often, what they deliver demonstrates that they did not know better. This is why we end up spending time fixing issues, fixing their websites to be of commercial value to our customers.

Our years of experience in commercial web development using Shopify, Magento and Woo see us with a terrific skill set, which we leverage for our customers through the websites we deliver to them.

Our web development work is fixed price, based on a thorough understand of what each customer needs. We only get to this point once we are certain we know exactly what a customer is looking for from a website. The biggest mistake we see web developers make is not knowing what a customer needs or wants. We see this when we are called in to fix problems with websites.

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