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Serial number tracking in POS software


The serial number tracking facilities in our POS software are appreciated across a range of specialty retail situation.

Having been first developed and jewellers, they were found to be useful in bike shops, too. Since then, they have been found to be useful in a range of specialty retail including firearms dealers, mobility scooter businesses, produce businesses, high-end game shops, sewing machine businesses and more.

Our serial number tracking tools are, we think, comprehensive and flexible.

By tracking serial numbers using the POS software, you can provide a level of service to customers they will appreciate. Serial numbers are listed on receipts. They are recorded, too, for later use should the item be stolen from the customer and they need to do a claim.

Tracking serial numbers in this POS software also sets your business up for longer term tracking of the service history of an item. This can be a valuable way to differentiate the services provided by your business.

Join Justin in a video that we shot recently on serial number tracking. Justin shows some of the benefits of the serial number tracking tools and answers some questions about these.

In the pet shop specialty retail channel, the serial number tracking tools within our POS software are used to record pet microchip details as they are a form of serial number. Being able to track pet microchips in this way, using the serial number tracking tools, helps pet shops to provide a service pet owners and lovers certainly appreciate.

Made here, locally, for local business needs, these serial number tracking tools are made to serve the needs of a variety of specialty retail businesses. Serving multiple retail channels is useful in that a need discovered in one is often of value to another. It is a key factor in the valuable evolution of what the software offers and how it works.

Tower Systems is grateful to its customers for guiding us on the needs in this serial number tracking space. They are the experts  and we appreciate their suggestions and guidance.

If you track serial num bars in your retail business, this could be for you.

By Mark