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Retail express checkout with Tower Systems POS software


Retail express checkout is something we offer with our locally made and supported POS software.

What does it mean though, this retail express checkout?

It’s about safe speed, accurate speed. It’s about a customer experience they love and trust. It’s about retail express checkout.

In our POS software our customers can offer checkout online, on the shop floor, over the phone or at the sales counter. This is what retail express checkout looks like and feels like – what you need, where you need it and when you need it.

  • We help retailers transact with fewer keystrokes, which improves speed and accuracy.
  • We help retailers connect to various EFTPOS platforms, which improves speed and cuts mistakes.
  • We help retailers manage workflow in the sales process, which helps all involved.
  • We help retailers with a broad variety of selling processes.

Designed for high volume retail as well as specialty, comprehensive and often slower, retail. Our approach to selling provides retailers with facilities they can love as they trade in their businesses.

Our approach to retail express checkout is designed to help retailers provide the solution that works for them and for their customers.

We get it that speed is important in many retail settings. So is accuracy. As is integration with other business processes. This is why businesses benefit from a broader view of their processes.

In our installation, setup and training process we help small business retailers to integrate the POS software within their businesses, to tap into the solution in a way that benefits the business the most. It is this setup work that is key to helping a business leverage what it needs from within the POS software.

While Tower Systems offers POS services for all retailers, our core business is the provision of specialist software packages for fishing and outdoors businesses, bike shops, jewellers, gift shops, newsagents, pet shops, garden centres, firearms shops, health and nutrition businesses, bike shops and toy shops.

Many of our POS software co. team members have terrific retail experience and our software is informed by what happens in real world business – not from what happens behind a desk.

The company’s strong management infrastructure champions the small business, independent culture of Tower Systems.

By Mark