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Previewing new POS software


We have announced details to our POS software customer community of a preview opportunity for the next major release of our POS software.

This customer exclusive preview will demonstrate new facilities under development, providing existing customers an opportunity to comment and, through this, to guide the pathway home for these new facilities.

Our approach to active engagement with customers through the POS software enhancement process is something we have followed for a while. We benefit and our customers benefit from this transparent approach to developing and releasing major POS software updates. That we do this demonstrates an inherent and mutual trust in the software company / customer relationship.

This latest POS software pre-release preview session, which will be hosted in the next few days, is exciting ad we will be demonstrating, live, a significant body of work that takes us deeper into the needs of a couple of retail channels we are proud to serve. the work has already been seen and guided by some customers. This new session will open the reach of those who can engage with the opportunity.

Good POS software does not come from development in darkness. We have never believed that. The more retailers who see and comment on software we develop prior to release the better the ultimately released POS software is. This is why our approach is in the light, in front of customers as much as possible, for their feedback, guidance and encouragement.

The best people to guide POS software development are those with retail experience. They know what retailers need in their businesses, certainly more so than a programmer with no current retail experience. This is why sessions like the one coming up for us is so critical. It puts us in touch with the experts, those who can make a big different to our knowledge of what is really needed for our software to be of real service in a retail business. They know. Retailers are the experts. We learn from them and code to their needs.

Our approach of retail customer engaged and transparent POS software development has helped us earn a good place within our specialty retail POS software communities. We’re keen for our new session in the next few days.

By Mark