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Helping small business retailers deal with Covid related supply chain challenges


2021 is proving to be challenging for all retailers, but especially small business retailers, when it comes to supply chain confidence. Covid has wreaked havoc on predicting, in-country logistics, shipping and arrival port congestion.

Christmas 2021 is looking challenged for some retail businesses as a result. This is leaving some retail channels scrambling to resolve Christmas options to keep their shops and websites full and able to satisfy shopper demand.

We have been leveraging our cross channel experience and contacts to help retailers looking for assistance in putting in place contingency plant to buttress their business against the impact of supply chain challenges.

Through contacts, business data and some other elements we have been able to highlight opportunities for retailers to consider that may play well for them, offering alternative for otherwise hard to stock product for Christmas 2021. Right now, in August 2021, it is getting close to too late to put in place reasonable contingency plans. That’s why we have been encouraging retailers to work on this for several months now.

The Covid impacted factory, logistics and related challenges are not new, we all went through 2020. But, they are more intense now, even more so than in 2020. We did engage then. This year, the engagement has been broader and with more retailers.

As a POS software company with a wide and deep relationship with its customers, Tower Systems is grateful for the opportunity to serve retailers in this way, to help with practical advice and connections beyond what could be usual for a POS software company. There is a POS software connection though, since it is the data curated by our POS software that can reveal opportunities outside of what has been traditional for a business when they are looking to fill an unexpected product gap.

Thanks to other business interests we have, we are fortunate to have access to good data as to factory and other challenges for products in a. range of categories. This is helpful for us as we can share this with our customers. Sometimes local suppliers are not as forthcoming with data as to delays. Retailers want information so they ca n implement a plan b. Some suppliers are scared they will lose business, which is odd as they would lose it anyway with such late deliveries.

By Mark