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SEO advice for POS software connected Shopify websites helps small business retailers drive traffic


We have shared updated SEO advice with our local small business retailer customers for whom we have developed beautiful POS software connected Shopify websites.

Through personal training and backed by peer-reviewed written advice, we have shared how they can. Make the best use of product names, descriptions and other text so as to drive up their rankings through Google and other search engine platforms.

Just as the search algorithms change overtime, so does our SEO advice for POS software connected Shopify websites. Our latest advice was first field tested prior to sharing with our customers. we have been able to sow them how following the advice can play for their businesses.

Small business retailers can’t be expected to be SEO experts. Our recommendation is that they NOT hire SEO experts though as too often we have found that money wasted. The key is to now the best type of customer for your business. They, to research how to best connect with that type of customer. This is where an understanding of your specific specialty retail business can make a difference. It’s where our Tower Systems expertise can make a difference.

Our latest SEO advice for POS software connected Shopify websites has been provided to all customers for no charge, as part of our customer service suite of services. we see it as a genuine value-add for our customers, something we are grateful to have been able to provide to them.

Running consumer-facing websites ourselves positions us for useful knowledge, which we leverage for our customers through advice like we have mentioned here. We’ve made SEO mistakes from which we have learned. we have also made some very cool SEO moves, from which we have also learned. We have sheared our own experienced, to add to the free resource pool available for our customers.

Helping our local small business retailer community leverage practical advice for SEO settings for their type of business is part of what we offer as a specialty retail focussed POS software and web development business. We have helped several retailers recently stop paying fees to external businesses based on the free help in this area available to them as part of the Tower Systems community.

By Mark