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Advice for small business retailers considering SquarePOS for their business


Square POS is an American Point of Sale program that is pitched to small business retailers as low cost and easy to use.

There is no doubt that Square POS is easy to setup. As to cost, you need to do your homework to fully understand how costs of using Square POS accrue for a business. Look at your sales, how many transactions each day and the total value of those. Then calculate the cost of Square POS based on your business performance numbers. It is only after you have done this that you are able to calculate the actual user costs of SquarePOS for your business.

Tower Systems offers an alternative to Square POS that does not have any costs associated with transaction volume or transaction value. In other words, using the Tower Systems POS solution your POS software usage, software access and support costs are capped, you know exactly the cost of the software for your business on a daily basis, and it is only a few dollars a day for the software and real human support access.

If you are interested in Square POS for your business, call Square. Pick up the phone and call them. Have some questions ready to ask. We suggest you call Tower Systems too on any of our local office numbers, our mobile numbers or our national sales line 1300 662 957. Or, email us at

If you did call Square POS, or at least try and call them, and then you called us … we think you will have had very different experiences. we say this because one of the reasons local small business retailers go with our POS software over Square POS is because of the easy access to customer service, the human access to customer service, and that we are genuinely local.

POS software can be complex and confusing. A quick phone call with a human can easily answer any questions. It’s when you can’t reach someone that it can be frustrating. This is why we say call square POS with a question or two. see how they respond and factor that into your consideration as to the right POS software solution for your local retail business.

Only you can determine the best POS software for your specific business. Our core suggestion is do your homework, fully understand the costs and benefits of each software package under consideration.

By Mark