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News from Tower Systems about locally made POS software for specialty local retailers.

How our locally made POS software helps local small business retailers pitch locally made


Our locally made Tower Systems POS software is made for local retailers who are keen to encourage shoppers to shop local.

Within the software there are tools and facilities that make it easy for a local retailer to draw attention to and to feature locally made products. These teens help local retailers to draw attention to their own shop local credentials.

These tools and facilities help local retailers to drive sales to people looking to source locally made products. we make this type of pitch easier for you.

Noting products as Australian made, or made within the state our territory or even made in town, you have a number of ways you can do this with the software, to pitch a thoughtful and factual locally made pitch.

Yes, we have thought a lot about this and built within our POS software facilities that enable you to pitch shop local in a more nuanced and practical way than the usual more whiney approach that you might see on social media from some businesses.

Our approach through the software is show, don’t tell.

A valuable shop local pitch is where you find the tools you use in your business, like POS software.

If you want locals to shop with you. If you rely on the local community to support you. If you have ever pitched shop local on social media…

Local does matter.

Local businesses hire locally, support local community groups, engage on local matters, often buy from local suppliers and spend locally.

Local economies benefit from local independent retail businesses.

Local does matter.

We are a local POS software company serving Australian and New Zealand retail businesses in specific retail channels.

Engage with our POS software and you support the local IT community and you tap into software that helps you pitch local.

Yes, using our software you can pitch your local difference.

We develop and support software for: giftsjewellersbikestoysfishing/outdoorsgarden centrespet shopsproducefirearmsadult shops and newsagents.

Call us so we can find out more about what you do, to see if our specialty retail software could be of value to you and your business.

Now, for a personal pitch:

By Mark