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Discounted POS software training for new owners of retail businesses using Tower Systems POS software


Tower Systems offers discounted personal training for new owners of retail businesses in which the Tower Systems POS software operates.

This new owner training offers these new business owners the same level of training that a new customer of the Tower Systems POS software received.

While the vendor of a retail business should fully train a new owner in all aspects of running the business, often we find there is little training provided on how to properly use our POS software. This is why we offer a new owner POS Software training package, to ensure you are properly trained in the software.

Two days training is our recommended minimum for those new to our software. Usually, this costs $2,200 (inc. GST). SPECIAL OFFER: we offer you this 2-day package discounted.

This is a prepaid service. The training is delivered remotely, by one of our training specialists. It is tailored to each specific type of retail business.

The training will cover entering data, managing data, handling electronic invoices, setting up loyalty tools, reporting, bulk data manipulation, data security, backup, POS screen layout and more.

This training is exactly what we provide to new customers. It is an investment in the business and the future decisions you could make based on data managed by our software.

This training is not mandatory for new owners, not required. It is recommended, though. It provides each new owner with a level of knowledge they will find useful to get the most out of using the Tower Systems POS software in their retail business. And, that is out goal – to help them get value from the software.

It its easy for a business owner to think they know it. the thing is, none of us know what we don’t know. This is why the comprehensive new owner training is vital to any business owner if they are serious about running their business.

The Tower Systems new owner POS software training is another solution from us serving the needs of local small business retailers, helping them run more enjoyable, successful and valuable retail businesses.

We are grateful to our team of POS software specialists to be able to offer this.

By Mark