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With so many retailers offering loyalty points, shoppers are confused


A loyalty alternative in the Tower Systems POS software is loved by retailers and shoppers. While the POS software also manages points based loyalty, it is this other approach that retailers love as it offers them a pitch through which they can differentiate their business.

Here’s a 12 minute video we shot a few days ago about this: 

Loyalty is something through which local retailers can compete agains big business, yet too many play follow the leader and offer points based loyalty.

What is a point worth? Seriously, what is it worth? You can’t say as every business has their own currency, their own value for a loyalty point. Some are clear about it, while others keep the value in the shadows. This is why shoppers are skeptical about loyalty points. What are they worth anyway. Seriously.

Using the discount vouchers facility in the Tower Systems POS software, you can call it what you like bay the way, you can encourage more value from single visit shoppers as well as regulars. There are smart facilities embedded in this software to serve a variety of retail settings.

This is a perfect small business win, an easy and fast way to differentiate from big businesses that typically have a one-trick approach to loyalty – points that they can make look one way while they act another way. The dollar value showing on a receipt is understood and actionable. Points, well, what do they mean? How can you access them? How do they compare to other points? These are questions customers have.

It always surprises us to see how much money big businesses spend advertising their points based loyalty programs. it feels like they spend more than the programs themselves actually deliver.

By keeping loyalty simple and understandable you have a better opportunity for shopper engagement. This is a money in the bak opportunity that we have installed in many retail settings, with success.

Tower Systems serves specialty retailers with specialty POS software. The loyalty tools, points and discount vouchers, are available in all versions of our POS software.

We are grateful to our community of 3,000+ customers for their encouragement and guidance as we continue to evolve our software.

By Mark