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Training retailers to make the most of end of financial year opportunities


Tower Systems has been providing retailers using its Point of Sale software a range of training opportunities in the lead up to the end of the financial year. While the software itself requires no work, there are opportunities for retailers to use the EOFY to build a stronger business in the next year.

The training opportunities include a slew of free live training workshops, free one on one training and assistance, refreshed advice documentation and new training videos.

By providing EOFY advice and guidance in various mediums, Tower Systems is demonstrating a level of customer case and assistance that is fresh and entiticng for retailers.

The EOFY assistance covers stock takes, business planning, past performance assessment and structural change discussion. This list demonstrates a level of engagement between tower Systems and its retail partners way beyond what is traditionally expected of a software company / user relationship, Tower Systems engages at this deeper level as part of its commitment to make a difference to the businesses of its customers beyond the day to day trading through the software.

Convenience store software gains traction


Our convenience store software continues to gain traction in the convenience retail space.  Beyond the software, fast eftpos transactions, mobile phone top-up integration and easy handing of high cvolume items, our genuine 24/7 support is of particular interest.  With so many convenience stores operating 24 hours a day and over public holidays (like this Easter weekend), convenience retailers want to know that their questions will be answered when they need.

In our convenience software we deliver to the single store owner the facilities larger groups use.  From stock to sales to management reporting, we deliver a professional solution to drive business efficiency for it is this which us crucial to today’s convenience store.

We are also seeing some newsagents transition to the convenience model.  Having software in both spaces enables us to make this transition with them.

Replacing the cash register


Cash registers are becoming a tool of yesteryear for small independent retailers thanks to better value Point of Sale software. Our small retailer POS software package, can easily replace a cash register and provide the retail business with superior facilities.

While a cash register has a lower capital cost, there are many areas where good Point of Sale software will help the business more:

  • Faster selling.
  • More accurate selling.
  • Theft reduction.
  • Sales tracking by item, department and supplier.
  • Easier reordering.
  • Business performance management.
  • Customer loyalty facilities.
  • Customer accounts.
  • Customer special orders.
  • Selling electronic voucher products from suppliers.
  • Sales reporting to suppliers.
  • Remote location business management.
  • Tracking product returns.
  • Employee performance management.

There are plenty of other ways Point of Sale software can be more helpful to a retail business over old cash register technology. With more than 2,000 retailers in our user community we have excellent stories which demonstrate these benefits.