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What percentage of revenue should a retail business achieve from online in 2020?


How much of your retail business revenue should come from online?

This is a big question in 2020.

We have thoughts on this based on our work with over 3,000 small business retailers using our Point of Sale software, many of whom also connect to Shopify, Magento or WooCommerce websites for online sales.

Our advice is that small business retailers should have a goal of 10% of revenue coming from online. That is a starting point goal. Our advice is work hard and do everything possible in pursuit of this goal.

Once you reach the 10% goal, the goal should be 20%. With plenty of majors already at 20%, small businesses need to catch up.

This is urgent.

Yes, you need a good website. However, you need more than that. The site needs to sell what people want. It needs to be easily found. You need to actively and regularly pro mote the site. You need payment options and a sweet shipping offer. 

It’s hard work, but critical work if you want to reach the goal of online revenue for your business.

Here at our POS software and web development company we help small business retailers win more online business.  We do it though terrific software, which is backed by knowledgable training and support.

A big challenge faces by small business retailers pursuing online sales is that online is not high street. The two beasts are quite different. Whereas in a high street or physical store situation you know who is walking past or stepping inside, online you don’;t have the same insights. You have no idea who might be out there and looking. But, and it is a   b I g   but … you can find out. There are tools that can help you understand who is out there and what they are looking for.

Sometimes, the best online business is not one that is a copy of your physical shop. This is where research matters.

So, have a goal. We say start with 10% of revenue. Research it and once you have a plan, pursue it relentlessly, while at the same time remaining focussed on your physical shop.

Tower Systems helps in all of these areas.

POS software lead referral program for bookkeepers and accountants


Our lead referral program is for bookkeepers and accountants who invest time and knowledge to help introduce us to prospective POS software customers.  To express interest please email find out more: Click here for an information document from us.

  1. We link direct to Xero.
  2. We link through a partner to MYOB and Quicken.
  3. We link to Tyro for fast, safe cost effective EFTPOS as well as the big banks.
  4. For buy now pay later, we link to Oxipay (Hmmm) and ZipPay ZipMoney.
  5. We integrate with Shopify, Magento and Woo for easy e-commerce.
  6. We also develop websites for retailers at our Hawthorn, VIC, head office, websites finely tuned to the needs of local retailers..

Our POS software is purpose built with versions for garden centres, jewellers, bike  shops, toy shops, firearms businesses, fishing and outdoors shops, gift shops, newsagents, farm supply, rural and stockfeed businesses, adult shops and newsagents. We dive deep into the needs of each retail channel.

We are keen to work with bookkeepers and others who also specialise in their service of specific retail channel retailers. We’d love to get sales leads from you. To engage please email This is also the entry point for any queries.  Click here to access an information document.

Tower Systems is a vertical market POS software company. That is, we sell software designed for specific retail channels. The home page of our website lists all the retail channels in which we serve at any time.

While we may sell/rent/lease our software to businesses outside the retail channels listed, it is rare and only when approved by the leadership team of the company.

We currently serve in excess of 3,000 small business retailers primarily in Australia and New Zealand.

We actively promote our software through direct mail, social media marketing, search engine ads, trade shows and, recently, on radio and TV.

We own and run three unique retail shops, offering us hands-on retail experience where we can test and refine our software. This has been particularly useful in workflow management where we have tuned our software for efficiency in counter-based retail.

Owning and running retail businesses enables us to provide a unique and valuable level of practical, retailer-focussed, advice to our customers.

We have a full time CPA in the business as our CFO.

Our software is directly integrated with Xero. We are a Xero partner.

Our software also links with MYOB and Quicken through a third party product.

Our customers, through our help desk, have access to comp0lete support in the use of our software as well as practical advice on the correct linking of our software with accounting software. We help our customers achieve and maintain a seamless link.

Thank you for considering working with Tower Systems to empower small business retailers to run more efficient and successful businesses.

To find out more about our POS software and support for specialty retailers, please call our sales team on 1300 662 957 or email them at

Tower Systems welcomes another EDI partner


Tower Systems is thrilled to partner with Sprint3, a mature and respected EDI platform.

Being certified with Sprint3 integration is another point of difference retailers using our Point of Sale software are able to rely on as they seek out new supplier partnerships and more efficient and reliable ways of conducting business.

Using Sprint3 in connection with a range of suppliers retailers will be able to export a purchase order and import an associated invoice. In addition to saving considerable time, the electronic connection will significantly reduce keystrokes and data mistakes.

This latest EDI integration from Tower Systems continues our leadership position in several specialist retail marketplaces.

Helping small business retailers embrace e-commerce


We are scheduling more and more training to help retailers engage with e-commerce sites, managing one pool of inventory across physical and online retail operations. The next webstore training session will be held later this month and FREE bookings can be made online now.

Offering best practice training to retailers anywhere, thanks to our partnership with Web Ex, we welcome retailers learning more about not only our webstore facilities by how others are using this to better manage e-commerce businesses along with their bricks and mortar retail businesses.

With enhanced webstore facilities close to being released, accessing this latest training opportunity is important for retailers wanting to get the most from our enhanced software.

Thanks to our e-commerce platform agnostic facilities, retailers have flexibility in running their online operations.

Electronic voucher product update


Earlier today we released the following products updates to newsagents selling mobile recharge and pother products through our eziPass Point of Sale software connected platform:

  • Vodafone Recharge $10
  • Lebara Mobile Mega Plan $9.90, $19.90, $39.90, $49.90 and $59.90.

Electronic voucher price adjustments


We have loaded the following product changes to our eziPass electronic voucher platform:

  1. Crazy Johns $39 Recharge
  2. Bigpond Music vouchers logo change

These changes are available now for users of our Point of Sale and electronic voucher software to update.

Updated product and price list from Touch


We have received an updated product and price list from Touch Networks, documenting products available from our Point of sale integrated eziPass electronic voucher vending platform.  This list is available from our website.

New electronic products now available via POS software


We are pleased to announce the availability now of the following products from our Point of Sale software integrated eziPass electronic voucher vending platform:

  1. New Voda Products: Vodafone $90
  2. New Thins Data Products: Think Data $10. Think PrePaid $12, $24, $36, $48. Think 2GB $19, 4GB $39. Think SMS/MMS $25. Think Nat. Calls $30. Think Smart Pack $40
  3. New Vanilla Prepaid Products: Vanilla Prepaid Data $10. Vanilla Prepaid $15, $35, $70, $100. Vanilla MBB 2GB $20, 4GB $40. Vanilla Prepaid SMS/MMS $25. Vanilla Prepaid Nat. Calls $30. Vanilla Prepaid Ultimate $45
  4. New Red Bull Mobile Access Products: $10 Access 7, $20 Access 15, $39 Access 30, $75 Access 60, $365 Access 365
  5. New Digicel Products: Digicel Top Up $10, $20, $50
  6. New Telstra Product: Telstra Pre-Paid $70
  7. New Karma Currency Products: Karma Currency $25.95, $55.95
  8. Money Online MOLPoints
  9. New Money Online Products: Money Online MOLPoints $10, $20, $50, $100

Our Help Desk team has details on accessing threes new products.

Sharing sales data with retail suppliers


Since partnering with the Australian Sporting Goods Association we have started working with new suppliers on sharing data between retailers and suppliers.  This work leverages our considerable work in the EDI space across a range of marketplaces.

Being able to offer easy access to EDI standards trading around supply, ordering and return of inventory makes it easier to connect retailers and their suppliers.

Given that ASGA suppliers operate across multiple retail channels, we are able to add value to existing customers as well as to those from the new channel opened up for us as a result of the ASGA relationship.

Retailers can receive and quickly process electronic invoices and can send to suppliers sales data as well as electronic orders.

This data exchange can reduce paperwork, streamline supply and strengthen retailer / supplier relationships.  For retailers, a significant benefit can be a reduction in floor and back office stock with no impact on sales.  For suppliers, the benefit can be certainty around orders from retailers.

Tower Systems has implemented such electronic links in several marketplaces with excellent success.  The company can introduce ASGA members to suppliers and retailers already using these facilities to explore how they may benefit the ASGA family.

Danks link to help Garden centre software shine


The new Danks EDI link released for our Garden Centre and Nursery Point of Sale software will help these retailers improve retail business efficiency, bring structure to inventory ordering and drive consistency to inventory management.

The Danks link is another in a long line of EDI links we have delivered through our Point of Sale software. It strengthens our EDI credentials and promotes Tower Systems to a new field of retailers.  What we have learnt in our ranks link work is informing our discussions and work with suppliers in other marketplaces where EDI integration is not as advanced as the latest from Danks.

The Danks experience has a wonderful pay-off in sectors outside the Garden Centre / Nursery channel.

Tower AdvantageTM Retailers using our software can access the Danks link without additional costs.

New supplier added to Point of Sale software EDI mix


We are thrilled to have completed acceptance testing of an EDI link between our Point of Sale software and the IT infrastructure of a major national supplier.  This new link is available  now for access by our customers.

The new EDI link opens our retail partners to a new supplier with a very interesting product mix, a product mix which appeals across several retail channels in which we operate.  It will be of immediate use too some customers and of interest to others who may wish to open an account with the new supplier.

We are pleased to have opened a new supply opportunity for many of our customers with the release of this new EDI link.

Like all EDI links, this has been developed to the standards set by the supplier with which our retail partners will transact.  The quality assurance process was strict and time consuming.  The result is an EDI link our customers can trust and appreciate for the time it will save their businesses.  The link is provided with documentation to ease use and ensure that our customers are able to connect with the supplier with little delay or fuss.

Access to the new EDI link is by way of our latest point of Sale software update.  This is available to all Tower AdvantageTM customers at no additional cost.

Since not all software companies with which we compete have this link we are not publishing details here.  We like the competitive advantage.  Our customers can contact us using the usual channels for details.

Website / Point of Sale Software Integration Innovation Passes QA Process


The innovative integration between e-commerce sites and our Point of Sale software has passed our stringent QA process. Developed to serve multiple platforms and retail channel requirements, our website / POS software bridge is ready for live in-field testing. This is currently being organised.

As with any software innovation, there is the easy way and the hard way to deliver this vital bridge between two retail operations. We have taken the hard round as it delivers a better outcome to our retail partners.

We will be communicating with our trial site partners in the coming days.

Amaysim recharge product update for eziPass


eziPass, our free electronic voucher vending at the point of sale software now supports $100 Amaysim recharge vouchers.  These are available as part of a new product update tested and released today to our 1,000+ eziPass customers.

Newsagents access eziPass from within our Point of Sale software for easy, accurate and fast vending of mobile phone recharge, tourism tickets and a range of other voucher based products.

New Point of Sale Software EDI Link Set to Launch


We are working through the final acceptance testing with a national and respected supplier which will see us being able to deliver electronic invoices and other EDI capacities to retailers using our Point of Sale software.

This new EDI link is with a supplier which usually only links with POS vendors who serve mass market retailers so it will be a pleasure to bring access to their electronic invoices and stock files to our small business and independent retailers.  For many this will open the range of products they have easy access to.

We will name the new suppliers once we are live as it will be coup in our marketplace.

This latest work is a coup for our software development team.  It also demonstrates out commitment to continue to enhance the benefits our retail partners can access through the use of our Point of Sale software.

Electronic Voucher Product Changes


e-pay has notified us of some product updates occurring this month. We have published a list of the product updates and the instructions to implement these changes on to eziPass. The product update includes changes for Virgin, Telstra and Vodafone products.  these are available now through our eziPass electronic voucher platform.  We advised our customers yesterday by email of these changes.

Electronic Voucher Product Update


We have loaded an update of electronic voucher products available through our eziPass electronic voucher product platform.  We have sent instructions for loading the latest product update to our retail software customers.

Connecting retail businesses with e-commerce sites through Point of Sale software


Connecting key data from a physical retail store with an e-commerce website run by the same business is a logical step for Point of Sale software.  Such a connection enables the business to better manage stock, customers and the overall operation.

The challenges of connecting two quite different businesses and technologies are considerable, as we have found out this year.

We have developed such a connection, linking our Point of Sale software with e-commerce solutions.  We plan to release this soon, once it has undergone robust testing in-house and in the field.

The project has taken considerable time as we had to research the requirements and thoroughly fully understand the nature of data channels to various e-commerce software packages.  The result is a unique facility, something exclusive to Tower Systems.

We have deliberately not written or talked about this commercially valuable project before now to better protect our intellectual property and to retain for us the value of first mover advantage.  As we are in a position to demonstrate the new facility we’re ready to announce our innovation to the world. No one can say they have what we have already since we have not shown anyone what we have.

Our software development team is always innovating.  The direction of this work is is a mixture of internal innovation, customer encouraged innovation and innovation from the leadership of the company.  The result is better software and this is what attracts customers to us.