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Linkly EFTPOS integration with Tower Systems POS software helps local retailers


The Tower Systems POS software integrates with the Linkly EFTPOS platform to make it easier for local retailers to take credit and debit cards for over the counter purchase payment.

The Linkly POS software integration has been part of the Tower Systems software for many years.

There is no additional cost for retailers to use the Linkly POS software integration from Tower Systems.

Using the Linkly POS software integration, retailers can take payment without re-entering same amount details. There is an integration between the Tower POS software and the credit card terminal and through the Linkly connection, processing of the sale is accurate, fast and easy … providing for a smooth transaction flow at any sales counter or elsewhere bin the business.

Tower Systems first worked with the Linkly business many years ago when it was called PC Eftpos. That work continues through their transition to the rebrand as Linkly.

We don’t force our POS software customers to use Linkly. It is 100% optional, like any of our EFTPOS handling integrations. We create the solutions and let our customers choose those that work best for them in their circumstances. Customers like this, that we do not require them to use one company or another. They like the purity if us focussing on what we make rather than forcing them down a payments path that is not ideal for them but which may enrich the POS company – yes, we have seen that happen.

The integration in our POS software with Linkly is in all options of our software, for all marketplaces. This means our customers across a diverse mix of specialty retail situations can rely on the POS software tinkly integration to provide a stable and secure solution for handling the processing of credit can debit card payments in the business.

We have no commercial terms with Linlky. The relationship is purely Technical ical, in service of our POS software customers, local retailers serving local communities. we will continue to support the Linkly POS software integration since so many of our customers rely on this. It is important to them, which makes it important to us.

in addition to the link itself, we provide advice, help and support for our customers, to make using it easy and certain. This is what good POS software customer service looks like.

Tyro EFTPOS for small business retailers through POS software


Tyro EFTPOS has been integrated with our Tower Systems POS software for small business retailers for more than ten years. The Tyro integration is simple, effective, seamless and fast… all factors that matter to small business retailers keen for a smooth counter operation for their businesses.

The thousands of retailers using the Tower Systems POS software for specialty retail can bank on Tyro for delivering counter and mobile based EFTPOS access, including through the Tower Systems Retailer Roam product that takes retail on the road, out of the shop and into the field, the markets and the farm gate.

We like Tyro because it is a smart interface, one that works well for small business retailers, delivering EFTPOS solutions that are best-practice and secure.

Through the recent COVID-19 challenges, Tyro has been our preferred payment solution for small business retailers, as it offers contactless EFTPOS integrated with the Tower Systems Point of Sale software.

At Tower Systems, we use Tyro EFTPOS in our own shops and have done so for many years. We like the streamlined operation, the security, the speed and the ease of settlement. Tyro makes doing business a breeze for our retail shops and we think many retailers using Tyro EFTPOS integrated with our POS software would agree.

Tower Systems is well positioned thanks to a solid relationship with Tyro and our experience across eleven specialty retail channels. The Tyro and POS software solution is robust, proven and used in more than 1,000 retail outlets in Australia.

Together, our integration is regularly updated, ensuring it is current and continues to be useful in serving the evolving needs of small business retailers. This matters now more than ever, because the environment of the retail industry is constantly changing.

Working with the tech folks at Tyro, we are able to deliver an integrated Tyro and POS software solution that is dependable, useful and financially rewarding.

Tower Systems offers first level support for retailers using the integrated Tyro and POS software solution, offering a one stop shop support entry point, delivering fast access to help on any Tyro related query. We pass these queries to Tyro’s 24/7 Australian-based Customer Support team if they are outside our remit. In both support cases, most are easily handled and retailers are able to get back to business quickly.

Tyro is a breeze to work with. We are grateful for the relationship and the value it brings to our small business customer community.

Helping small business retailers easily add a surcharge of credit card transactions through POS software


With tight margins, tough competition, higher labour costs and higher tenancy costs, it is no wonder more retailers are charging a fee for some, maybe all, card use by customers.

Some cards, the premium cards, are especially expensive for retailers to take. These cards typically offer their customers benefits, which are paid for through higher fees for the participating retailers.

More and more retailers are applying a surcharge automatically to each card paid transaction to help defray the costs of taking the cards.

Retailers using the POS software from  Tower Systems have the tools in their software today to auto charge a surcharge for card use.

Our view as a software company is to serve the needs of our customers. They asked us some time  ago  for the auto surcharge facility and we delivered – giving our customers the flexibility to charge if they wished. There is no pressure from us, no requirement, no mandate. Rather, we have delivered through the software tools that make charging a credit card surcharge through the POS software easy.

We are grateful to our customers for their guidance as the the flexibility needed to serve their credit card surcharge needs, to ensure that the POS software levies the charge how and when they want, in a way that does not disrupt or challenge the sales counter experience.

Setting up any surcharge in the POS software, as opposed too on asn EFTPOS terminal, allows the sale total, including the surcharge, to appear on your Retailer receipts as well as your EFTPOS merchant copies. This is a better outcome for the business as well as for the shoppers.

Tower Systems customers have flexibility and ease of implementation, to enable them to use this in a way that minimises the risk or challenge for any retail business. It offers transparency, tracking and management oversight to enable a business to assess the use of and income from the surcharge and to also determine the positive or negative impact of the credit card surcharge on the broader business.

Credit card surcharges by retailers are common as they look at the costs in their businesses. By charging customers based on a cost of a specific service they can guide customers to make other decisions, which may cost less.

Small business retailers benefit from Tyro fast and secure EFTPOS


Tower Systems has partnered with Tyro broadband EFTPOS for many years as a preferred partner in handling over the counter payment by credit and debit cards.

We like Tyro. Their service is excellent, fast, secure and ideal for indie retailers, like our POS software customers.

We like the Tyro approach to business, like letting customers choose their settlement time. This and other features demonstrate a commitment to small business needs.

We also like the business banking services they offer our customers…

The Tyro Bank Account pays a base interest rate3 of 1.00% p.a. and for funds left for more than 90 days, you can earn up to 1.75% p.a. interest. Maintaining a balance of at least $10,000 throughout the year can give you an extra $166 in interest back in your pocket3.

To make the most of your money, have your daily settlement deposited directly into your Tyro Bank Account to begin earning interest right away, plus you can utilise the convenience of recurring payments, so you can help automate the running of your business.

From within our POS software, retailers can transact with Tyro with certainty and security, knowing that they are offering a best-practice credit and credit card solution to their customers.

We use Tyro ourselves in the retail businesses we own and operate. This gives us hands on experience that we leverage in servicing our customers.

Tyro flexibility on card fees helps small business retailers


We are thrilled with the announcement from our EFTPOS partner Tyro on the release of their dynamic surcharging facility, a facility that makes it easy for retailers to charge a surcharge appropriately. This is good news for retailers. especially small business retailers where some card fees are a serious post on small margin products.

How often have you struggled with surcharging? The new RBA regulations will make it even more complicated.

That’s why we have upgraded all Tyro EFTPOS terminals with a dynamic surcharging option, it will recommend surcharging rates to you based on the RBA’s regulations and your card transactions in the last 12 months. You can easily review and alter these rates at any time. Check out Dynamic Surcharging and see how it works.

This announcement from Tyro to our customers is part of a broader communication strategy from the company and supported by us in educating small business retailers about greater flexibility thanks to tyro.

Valuable insights from Tyro on EFTPOS and more


IMG_2646We benefited from a terrific briefing from broadband EFTPOS experts Tyro today at their Sydney headquarters in a special briefing for their POS software partners.

The briefing also covered other products from the company that benefit small businesses. We like this as here at Tower Systems we only serve small business retailers.

The session today was enlightening.

The meetings following the session were even more enlightening. We are grateful to Tyro for the opportunities.

Helping retailers save time with integrated eftpos


Tower Systems is using the rush of trade for small business retailers at Christmas to reinforce the commercial value of the Tyro integrated eftpos solution we offer. With 1,000 retailers connected through Tyro we have excellent data reflecting time saving, mistake reducing and other benefits for retailers that help at the sales counter as well as in the back office management of the business.

In the middle of the busy trading of Christmas, the benefits of the Tower Systems Tyro broadband eftpos integration are clear and felt on small business retail shops across a range of marketplaces:

  • Fast eftpos processing.
  • Accurate eftpos processing.
  • Reduced keystrokes at the counter.
  • No clogging of the phone line.
  • Streamlined counter management.
  • Happier customer engagement.
  • Better control over possible points of fraud in the business.
  • Reduced cash handling costs.

Promoting PayPal as a POS software payment option in-store


paypcomingPayPal is helps partner retailers to promote PayPal as a payment option in-store with collateral and other promotional material and help to drive shopper engagement. Their in-store commitment is another way of helping retail partners to drive business through using PayPal itself as a means of reaching out to new prospective customers.

Our integration with PayPal is at for forefront of integration technology. In our marketplaces we are first to market – driving good business outcomes.

Helping small business retailers save money on EFTPOS fees & time at the sales counter


As a POS software company working with close to 3,000 retailers, we have experience dealing with all the major banks when it comes to EFTPOS and offering EFTPOS solutions at the retail sales counter.

In our software today we have EFTPOS processing links to a range of third parties as well as direct to banks.

It is our experience that retailers linking to Tyro broadband EFTPOS experience faster processing, fewer operational problems, easier setup and better customer service than any other EFTPOS connection. This is why we recommend Tyro to our small business retail customers.

Thanks to excellent assistance and communication from and with the team at Tyro, we are able to triage any operational issue and usually resolve it immediately. This provides our retail business customers with a one stop shop. This is far better than having to navigate a third party who then has to navigate your bank’s support service. In that scenario it could take days to resolve an issue. Thanks to the Tyro approach, the few problems reported are resolved quickly.

Choosing the right EFTPOS solution is important for small and independent retail businesses. It’s what happens at the counter that matters the most. Fast and accurate processing are the most important goals followed by easy setup.

Major banks tend to lock retailers into long term contracts that have a breakage cost. This can lock small business retailers into poor service and higher than necessary fees. Thanks to Tyro we are able to deliver to small and independent retail businesses a more cost effective solution. Tyro helps newsagents ensure that the solution is right for them without the need for a long term contract.

Our advice to retailers considering EFTPOS is – buyer beware. That big bank that says it has a great deal is a big bank – when was the last time a big bank put the needs of small retailers ahead of their appetite for profit.

More examples of How Tyro broadband EFTPOS is better than bank supplied EFTPOS


We have seen two more examples this past week in why the POS software integrated Tyro broadband EFTPOS solution is better than a bank-supplied alternative.

  1. A customer who went with bank supplied integrated EFTPOS encountered problems and no one wanted to own the problems. It could have been Tower, the bank or their external EFTPOS management company. Our support team proved that the problem was not caused by our software nor was it related to us.  It took the bank and the external EFTPOS people months to resolve it was a hardware issue, hardware not recommended or supplied by us. The time cost in working this was considerable.  The frustration for us is that had our recommendation been taken from the outset the issue would not have occurred.
  2. Another customer experienced an employee theft situation when using an external, not connected to the POS, EFTPOS terminal. The employee preyed on poor business management and the tech. disconnect and stole from the business. had the business followed our EFTPOS advice they would not have encountered the problem and not suffered the cost of theft.

Here at Tower Systems we recommend Tyro broadband EFTPOS because it’s integrated with our software, easy to use, fast and extremely well supported. We love Tyro and use it ourselves in our own retail businesses. It’s this personal experience in our shops that makes us passionate about Tyro.

Christmas eftpos offer from Tyro


tyro-xmasTyro has a Christmas EFTPOS offer for  Tower Systems merchants. we prefer Tyro for speed, accuracy and brilliant support. They are a better solution for retailers than the big banks – based on our experience in our software company and as retailers ourselves.

We use Tyro throughout our businesses and happily and confidently recommend Tyro to our customers.

Tyro broadband offer helps more newsagents switch


As more in the Tower newsagent community embrace the Tyro broadband EFTPOS solution as their preferred over the counter customer payment offer, Tyro and Tower have pitched a fresh opportunity to bring more into the tent.

The latest offer put out a week ago presents a compelling case for retailers looking to switch to Tyro. This coupled with $895.00 of benefits exclusive to Tower Systems customers bakes the opportunity even better.

The Tower Systems newsagency software / Tyro package is compelling beyond the price value: it cuts keystrokes, reduces mistakes, speeds shopper throughput and improves employee enjoyment. The benefits for the retail business are considerable. All these benefits and the Tower AdvantageTM help make it a winner for newsagents and other retailers.

Tyro broadband eftpos helps retailers cut mistakes and save time


Retailers and customers don’t like waiting for EFTPOS and credit card transactions to go through. Some can be slow. Years ago we partnered with Tyro broadband EFTPOS to deliver an integrated solution – making handling EFTPOS payments from within our spftware easier, faster and more accurate than a separate bank supplied terminal.

Our friends at Tyro have put together a free trial offer, to enable retailers to try Tyro for themselves and see the difference offered by Tyro and our smart integration of its benefits within our software. This offer for Tower Systems customers is being more into the Tyro community.

We like Tyro because it helps retailers eliminate keystrokes at the counter, process EFTPOS payments faster and reduce mistakes. Staff love it and this in itself helps the business. The commercial benefits are considerable.

Tyro broadband EFTPOS helps small business retailers drive efficiency


We are proud to have been promoting the Tyro broadband EFTPOS solution again this year to retailers using our Point of Sale software. We use Tyro in our own retail businesses and have first-hand experience like no other software company in this regard. It’s fast, secure, easy to install and easy to maintain.

Indeed, the Tyro solution is, in our view, more secure that the solutions of many banks and other card processors.

Having used a range of EFTPOS solutions in our retail businesses over the years, Tyro is the best by far. We heartily endorse and recommend it.

Our customers have just received a special Tyro offer for February, making the opportunity of trialling Tyro more compelling.

Small retailers using our Point of Sale software love Tyro broadband EFTPOS


With more than 750 of our Point of Sale software customers now using the Tyro broadband EFTPOS solution, we have plenty of feedback from retailers on which to draw. Retailers love Tyro. They love its speed, security, time saving and ease of use.

This past busy Christmas period saw many of our customers enjoy an excellent sales bump. Tyro helped our customers better handle the increase in shopper traffic thanks to its rapid approval time and the elimination of keystrokes thanks to its integration with our POS software.

We love Tyro, we use it to process EFTPOS payments in our software company as well as in our own retail stores. So, our recommendation is based on considerable personal experience with Tyro across a range of business situations.

It’s our operation of a range of retail businesses that sets us apart as a software company and that enables us to provide more practical advice to our retail partners.

Tyro broadband EFTPOS a better POS solution for retailers


We continue to recommend Tyro broadband EFTPOS as the best EFTPOS solution for retailers. It’s faster than bank terminals, easier than the PC Eftpos integration and better supported than both.

Given that retailers are service-oriented businesses, the Tyro points of difference play importantly into serving their business goals.

Thanks to a solid relationship with tyro, tower Systems is positioned to lead retailers with integrated solutions, eliminating the need for a phone line and bringing to the POS screen a smart and fast EFTPOS facility.

Tyro helps retailers offer more secure EFTPOS solutions


The Sydney Morning Herald has reported on another consumer security compromise that puts consumer data at risk.  Thanks to our technology partnership with Tyro Payments, retailers using our Tyro integrated EFTPOS solution have a best of breed solution.  Tyro explains this:

At Tyro we have designed, built and had PCI PA DSS certified (*) an integrated payment system that entirely removes all worry about sensitive card holder information ever being leaked onto a merchant’s network, let alone the POS system(s). This means, with respect to integrated (electronic) EFTPOS transactions both your POS and your merchants are exempt from requiring either PCI PA DSS certification or PCI self assessment. We have done all the heavy lifting for you.

In a Tyro integrated world, both the POS and EFTPOS devices communicate with each other securely (SSL) via Tyro’s data centre. The POS’s responsibly is simply to initiate a payment transaction, sending transaction type and amount to the EFTPOS terminal. The terminal collects the card holder account information, and securely transmits this information directly to Tyro for authorisation. An annotated response is then returned to the POS for receipt printing. This response contains no sensitive card holder information.

For a more complete description please download this document, and read Section 5 of the paper titled “Internet Payment Architecture“.

Using Tyro protects our customers against data breaches.

Helping retailers maintain low EFTPOS fees


A key way retailers are able to keep EFTPOS fees low is to use an efficient solution. We recommend TYRO to our Point of Sale software customers and have done for some time.

While we interface direct to major banks through PC Eftpos, we prefer TYRO as it’s easier to setup, easier to maintain, faster and more stable in our experience as a software company as as retailers.

Using TYRO, retailers enjoy:

  1. Fast EFTPOS processing … in seconds.
  2. Fewer mistakes … as keystrokes are eliminated thanks to a direct to POS software connection.
  3. Easier query resolution … thanks to excellent customer service from TYRO.
  4. Low operational fees … thanks to a competitive offer from TYRO.
  5. Easier takings reconciliation … thanks the integrated relationship.

TYRO offers an excellent EFTPOS solution which helps retailers keep EFTPOS fees down and thereby reduces the need to pass these on to consumers.

Special offer for retailers switching to Tyro broadband EFTPOS


We have an exclusive special offer for retailers who switch to the Point of Sale software integrated Tyro broadband EFTPOS solution available from Tower Systems and Tyro.

Retailers who switch from the traditional banking terminal tell us they love the move for a range of reasons including:

  1. Faster EFTPOS processing.
  2. More accurate EFTPOS processing.
  3. Fewer keystrokes.
  4. More streamlined sales counter operation.
  5. Easier handling of post-sales queries.
  6. Lower costs.
  7. Faster access to better quality support.

These were our experiences when we switched our own retail businesses to Tyro.

To find out more about the special offer, please contact Tower Systems.

Tyro software update welcome


We are pleased to have played a key role in a software patch from Tyro broadband EFTPOS which has closed a door which could have been used by unscrupulous customers at the expense of unsuspecting retailers.

Tyro has now released the update and is loading it automatically on terminals across our retail network and the networks of other Point of Sale companies which offer and support Tyro broadband EFTPOS.

We are pleased to have taken the lead on this.

Tyro offers an excellent service to retailers. Fast EFTPOS. Brilliant customer service. Rapid customer service. Competitive fees. We prefer Tyro over the clunky and poorly served PC Eftpos.

That Tyro continues to evolve their product offering is a testament to their customer service and commitment.

Special Tyro broadband EFTPOS offer for Tower Systems retailers


To help retailers  using our Point of Sale software reduce their operating costs, drive sales counter efficiency and cut the cost of mistakes, we have promoted an offer to our retail community which has been developed in association with our friends at Tyro.

The offer is very simple – we are offering a free trial of the Tyro broadband EFTPOS solution.  This helps our retailers to compare Tyro to their current bank EFTPOS terminal. They can compare sped, accuracy, costs and support processes.

This trial plus access to our wonderful expert assistance can mean a big difference for retailers, helping them more easily tap into the benefits of broadband EFTPOS.

We use the Tyro service here at Tower Systems and at our own retail businesses. It’s fast and easy to use … essential in any busy business.  Our own experience in our own retail stores means that we can offer a level of assistance and support to help our customers beyond what you could expect from a usual software company.

Eftpos changing rapidly in retail


We are keeping up with changes to EFTPOS processing in retail thanks to some excellent strategic relationships. Even with Australia’s tightly held and controlled banking system we are seeing some movement which will provide retailers with more flexibility and ease. We are glad to be at the forefront of this and engaging so that our customers will benefit.

It is enhancements around the periphery of Point of Sale which can sometimes be just as important as changed to the Point of Sale software itself.

As a leader in several vertical markets we are well positioned to provide insights and focus for EFTPOS and others wanting to innovate.

The St George fee hike increases switch to Tyro broadband EFTPOS


The move by St George Bank to increase a range of EFTPOS related fees a couple of weeks ago has encouraged more retailers to switch to the Tyro broadband EFTPOS platform from what we can see.

We like this because helping retailers using our Point of Sale software to connect to Tyro is far easier than helping them to connect to St George.

Retailers like it because of faster, more accurate and lower cost processing of EFTPOS payments.

We use Tyro in our own retail businesses and in our software company. This enables us to provide assistance from a practical perspective.

NAB eftpos processing problem


After considerable work with PCEftpos and NAB on behalf of a customer encountering problems using a NAB terminal to process EFTPOS payments through PCEftpos into our software, we received confirmation that there is a known problem.  There is a firmware fix being tested at the moment which NAB and PCEftpos hope will fix the problem.

The firmware problem on the banking terminal caused the host Point of Sale software to freeze.  Our understanding, based on what we have seen to date, is that the problem is isolated to NAB terminals.