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Aussie retail sofwtare popular overseas


We are experiencing a surge in interest in our retail management software from businesses overseas. Some enquiries are from countries in which have no presence. We first noticed the increased interest in September. It has gathered pace this month. In each case, it is our market specialisation which appears to be the attraction. With each contact comes an opportunity to learn more about needs we do not see in Australia or New Zealand, needs which can be incorporated into the sofwtare for the greater good.

The trade mission


We have been invited on a trade mission to explore the possibility of exporting our software to one or two countries in the Asian region.  While we have had some export experience, the results of the mission could considerably expand our horizons.

The export opportunity which could be opened by the trade mission is something we have to consider carefully since plans are well advanced to establish a Tower Systems office in another country and since we are experiencing considerable growth here.

I have seen other software companies fall into trouble for expanding too quickly and undercapitalised.  This is why we will take our time to consider trade mission.  The overseas office is an easier decision for circumstances I will not go into here.

In the meantime, we have now completed hiring for our expanded software development team and are advanced on expansion of our support team.  These back office moves will stand us in good stead here and abroad regardless of the decisions we make re the trade mission.