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Charity boxed Christmas cards popular this year


Charity boxed Christmas cards are proving to be popular as people prepared for Christmas this year. Featuring the designs of many Australian artists, these cards not only do good for local charities, they also help support local Australian artists.

Boxed Christmas cards are good value for many reasons. The cost per card is lower, they support local Australian charities. They support artists, often Australian artists. And, often, they are printed here in Australia.

We are grateful to have created the MyOrnaments website as part of our POS software connected Shopify work.  At MyOrnaments, charity boxed Christmas cards are for sale, making these wonderful Christmas treats widely available.

Our work brought to life online what was already being sold in a retail store. Now these wonderful boxed Christmas cards are more widely available. And, they are easily found through Google.

Businesses buy boxed Christmas cards for sending to clients as well as to staff. Community groups buy boxed Christmas cards for thanking those who support them.

Supporting many different Australian charities, the boxed Christmas cards you will find at MyOrnaments are diverse not only in style and editorial but also in charity support. This range of choice is appreciated by customers and also by those who will receive the cards.

This year we anticipate more Christmas cards will be sent as people connect in different ways due to Covid. There are more people to thank and appreciate, too. This is where charity boxed Christmas cards can help and where the website we developed for MyOrnaments can help. At this website you will currently find more than 132 different packs of charity boxed Christmas cards. This is a big and diverse range from which to choose. Most packs has two different designs available, too.

Managing inventory, connecting to the POS, calculating freight and handling special price point offers is part of what Tower Systems has created at the MyOrnaments shop and part of what brings the charity boxed Christmas card 0ffer to life. We are proud to have this website as part of our calling card mix of websites we have developed, to show the comprehensive nature of what we  offer.

New website pitching Father’s Day cards in Australia


We are thrilled to launch Card Emporium, a new online card shop. It launches with Father’s Day cards.

The Father’s Day card range at Card Emporium has been carefully chosen, selected to suit all sorts of Father’s Day card giving occasions.

The site includes advice on what to write on a Father’s Day card.

The online card offer includes dad, grandpa, pop, pa and more. There is step-dad and friend cards, too, serving the broader Father’s Day card need.

Father’s Day 2020 is an interesting occasion with many unable to see dad and connect with him so a card is the safe hun, the healthy hug in the corona world. sending a Father’s Day card could be the ideal gift opportunity for a dad who has been there for their kids through thick and tin, the card says I remember what you have done and what you mean and I appreciate you.

Father’s Day is a big celebration, a big season in the card calendar and this year there are many new Fatjer’s Day cards released to make the season a good and fresh experience for old-hand dads as well as the new dads who are celebrating Father’s Day for the first time.

Through Card Emporium you can order cards to be sent to you. Or, you can order one card for the team to write on it for you and port it to your dad. This is a personal Father’s Day card service, helping you connect with the seasonal occasion 24/7, when it suits you and without having to go outside … which we think is a preferred way off shopping right now.

Shopping online for cards is changing and at card Emporium your goal is to help more card shoppers to have access to more designs that are fresh, fun and emotionally engaging. That is what we have sought to do with our, launch Father’s Day card range.

This Father’s Day, our cards are Australian made and Australian designed. Plus, they raise funds for R U OK?, an important mental health focussed charity in Australia.

For Father’s Day cards in 2020, consider Card Emporium, a new Shopify site from the Tower Systems team. We are here to help you express yourself this Father’s Day and beyond.

Helping small business retailers comply with new Gift Card regulations


New gift card laws come into effect in Australia on November 1, 2019. The fundamental changes introduced in the new laws are:

  1. a minimum three year expiry period for gift cards is required;
  2. gift cards must display expiry dates; and
  3. most post purchase fees on gift cards are banned.

The POS software from Tower Systems will help small business retailers comply with this legislation. It will do so in a worry free, safe and red tape free way for indie retailers.

Gift cards (physical or electronic) are easy with our software. Retailers can offer them with surety and speed, enabling shoppers to load cash onto a card so that it can be given as a gift.

Where gift cards are sued as a marketing tool, the legislation is different. The three year requirement in the legislation does not apply to gift cards that are:

  1. able to be reloaded or topped up
  2. for a good or service available for a limited time where the card or voucher expires at the end of that period (e.g. entry to a concert or museum exhibition)
  3. supplied to a purchaser of goods or services as part of a temporary marketing promotion (e.g. a wine voucher valid for one month that is mailed to a consumer as a free bonus with a purchased item and was not part of the purchase offer)
  4. donated free of charge for promotional purposes (e.g. a local shopping centre has a one-day marketing promotion where each visitor to the centre on that day is handed a $20 gift card that is valid for use at any store in the centre for that day only)
  5. sold for a particular good or service at a genuine discount (e.g. $50 card for salon service valued at $100)
  6. supplied as part of an employee rewards program
  7. given as a bonus in connection with a purchase of a good or service for use in the same business (customer loyalty programs)
  8. second-hand gift cards.
  9. part of a temporary marketing promotion (e.g. customers buy a certain product from Business A, which provides a $50 voucher to use at Business B).

Tower Systems serves small businesses in the requirements of the legislation, efficiently and in a whole of business way.

Our customers with our latest software will be fine come November 1, 2019. Gift cards through the POS software will be safe, easy and business building.

Gift vouchers are easy in the Tower Systems POS software for indie retailers


Selling, managing and tracking gift vouchers in a retail business is simple, safe and easy using the POS software developed and supported by Tower Systems.

Gift vouchers can be issued by the POS software easily, quickly and accurately. There is no need for a printed card or note. Alternatively, a business can create the gift vouchers externally from the POS software yet have all  of them easily tracked and managed.

Loaded with whatever amount suits a customer and fits within the rules of a business, gift vouchers are a wonderful solution for a retail business to offer where a customer likes a shop but does not know what to buy. From the moment a gift voucher is loaded with a value it is tracked by the POS software. The amount loaded is managed as a liability of the business, as is required by accounting standards.

Tower Systems has managed gift vouchers in its POS software for decades. The gift voucher facilities in the software have evolved as the needs of small business retailers have evolved. The company has ensured that its offering in this space is fit for purpose for today’s retail environment, to enable its customers to be competitive in this space.

Gift voucher setup in the POS software is easy. Thanks to not requiring pre printed cards, a business can test the appetite of its customers for gift vouchers by having computer generated vouchers. This trial can help guide whether a business should invest ini professional design and production of vouchers, which is also a service that Tower Systems offers through its in-house graphic design tools and services.

We see gift vouchers successfully used in small business retail in the channels of garden centres, bike shops, jewellers, gift shops, homewares shops, book shops, newsagencies, pet shops, toy shops and even firearms shops as well as many other types of retail business situations. We are grateful for the opportunity to work with gift retailers to help them build customer appeal.

Gift vouchers are a vital tools for small business retailers to offer, to help broaden the appeal of a shop beyond what it may have available for customers to purchase today. Tower Systems makes them financially and operationally appealing to small business retailers through its smart POS software.

How the Tower Systems gift shop software helps small business gift shops attract more shoppers and increase sales


Small locally owned gift shops exist in most high street shopping situations. They are locally owned and run gift shops, the quintessential small business, usually a family business. Competition is tough for these small businesses.

Tower Systems helps small business gift shops through its gift shop software. Using our software, gift shop owners are able to trade more efficiently and successfully. They are able to build a stronger and more valuable business.

Here are some of the ways the Tower Systems gift shop software can help any small indie gift shop:

  1. Easier selling.
  2. Faster selling.
  3. Less mistakes thanks to fewer steps in the sales process.
  4. Automatic handling of EFT processing thanks it integrated EFTPOS.
  5. More accurate selling.
  6. Easy to run LayBys including managing the terms and conditions, collecting payment and locating lay-bys.
  7. Easy handling of sales over a date and time range.
  8. Structure around product returns.
  9. Easy finding previous sales.
  10. Easier management of staff rosters.
  11. Visibility of business performance when you are not in the shop.
  12. Access to a range of shopper loyalty options from points based to a cash amount off the next sale.
  13. Easy bundling of products into a package deal offer – this makes price comparison harder.
  14. Easier selling online through a connected website.
  15. Tracking sales by staff member.
  16. Tracking business performance by supplier – driving suppliers to facilitate your business success.
  17. Tracking business performance by key seasons.
  18. Easy management of special orders for customers.
  19. Creating orders for suppliers.
  20. Easily loading electronic invoices from suppliers.
  21. Comparing trading periods for quick spotting of business performance trends.
  22. Selling by measure.
  23. Selling by weight.
  24. Managing the repairs process if you offer that type of service.
  25. Running customer accounts and managing the collection of these accounts.
  26. managing sopper gift cards including tracking balances.
  27. Managing multiple retail outlets.

The Tower Systems gift shop software helps small and independent gift shops in many ways. This list here is just some of the ways. This software has been developed with and for gift shop owners and their employees. It is already widely used.

As specialty retail software designed and developed in Australia, this is software fit for purpose for small and independent gift shops. 

Tower systems continues to evolve the software to ensure it meets the evolving needs of gift retailers in Australia.

Helping small business retailers with beautiful gift cards


The marketing team in Tower Systems has helped hundreds of small business retailers with beautiful gift cards. Each new branded set of cards helps a retailer retain revenue that otherwise might have been spent in another retail business.

The plastic gift cards, often supplied in a a beautiful branded wallet, can be sold and loaded by the retailer wish cash provided by the gift giver.

There are a perfect opportunity for any small business retailer to grow sales.

Here are some of the cards we have created for our POS software customers.


Great gift cards for small business retailers through POS software from Tower Systems


GardenGiftCardsTSThe Tower Systems designed and manufactured gift cards are growing in popularity across a range of retail channels. We are thrilled to be of service to retailers keen to offer professional gift cards backed by professional gift card management software as they have access to through their smart and engaged Tower Systems POS software.

The latest design customer gift cards are being shipped right now – pitching fresh designs to retail partners in time for Christmas trade.

The image loaded with this post shows some of the cards we have designed for our garden centre customers.

We are grateful to have in-house graphic design capabilities through which we can promote deeper engagement with our software.

POS software helps small business retailers sell more gifts


exchreceiptPeople purchasing gifts want to ensure that the recipient can exchange the gift if it is not quite right.

Retailers using the Tower Systems specialist gift shop POS software have the ability to print a gift exchange receipt detailing the items purchased but not the price paid.

This facility has been in our software for years. It was developed with retailers offering gift exchange services. The receipt printed was recently enhanced to connect with quality gift purchases.

This gift / exchange receipt facility is another point of difference for Tower in several of our retail channels it is am important pert of the Tower AdvantageTM.

Using POS software to track sales by category


homewaresIn the retail homewares space many products are one-off. That is, once they sell a retailer does not replace exactly them otherwise their shop can feel more like mass when being unique reply matters. This is where smart POS software is useful in tracking sales at the product category level.

Knowing that, for example, two $75 value homewares objets d’art sold is more useful to the buyer for the business than the specific items as these items will not be exactly replaced.

Using the Tower software, homewares, gift and garden centre retailers are bale to track product sales in a range of useful ways that can make inventory replenishment easier. Being able to slice the data for alternative performance reviews can help guide business decisions in a more meaningful way.

Tower Systems works with many retailers on the best approach to tracking stock performance.

POS software helps retailers sell packs, hampers, singles and bulks


nxjewellThe smart POS software from tower Systems is helping more and more retailers to sell bulk items broken into singles, single items scaled up into bulk, hampers, packs, gift packs and many mixtures within these opportunities.

Jewellers use our pack facilities to sell two or three items in a set as well as singles – with ease.

Confectionery shops and chocolate shops use our software to sell bulk packs and singles easily with complete and easily managed inventory control.

Gift shops use these facilities to sell Christmas hampers.

Garden centres use these facilities to sell plants as singles and more packaged together.

It’s fast and easy to handle.

POS software on show at Spring Gift Fair in Auckland


springgiftTower Systems is thrilled to be showing off its latest POS software for gift shops at the Spring Gift Fair in Auckland starting from tomorrow.

As the only POS software company at the fair we will embrace helping gift and homewares retailers to make the most of smart Point of Sale software in their business.

We will be showing new POS software for gift and homewares retailers, software is is being released in the next couple of weeks, software that delivers new facilities based on the latest international retail trends for small and independent retailers.

If you are at this terrific Auckland gift fair event, be sure to stop by our stand and say hi.

POS software benefits from gift fair exposure to gift shop wholesalers


giftfairAt the recent Gift Fair in Christchurch POS software company Tower Systems was able to help wholesalers address the need for electronic invoices and electronic stock files.

Being the only POS software company present at the three-day event in Christchurch, the company had an excellent opportunity to educate and network with gift wholesalers – further demonstrating its commitment to gift retailers, their businesses and their suppliers.

Pitching our POS software @ the Christchurch Gift Fair


chcgiftWe are having a terrific time pitching our POS software at the Winter Gift Fair in Christchurch this week. Gift and homewares retailers we have met with have been upbeat and keen to explore ways they can improve business efficiency and sales – and we can help in both areas.

This trade show has also been an excellent opportunity to further connect with suppliers serving gift and home retailers in Australia and New Zealand. Supplier relationships are important to us as they help us help retailers to better connect with their suppliers.

Being a smaller gift fair we have enjoying having more time for networking and relationship building. The knowledge we have gained will prove to be invaluable.

Thanks Christchurch for wonderful hospitality.

New POS software supported gift card platform for franchise groups from Tower Systems


Tower Systems has developed an interface between its Point of Sale software and a gift card platform used by many national and international franchise groups that enabled purchase and redemption across the franchise members.

Users of the facility will have access to leading-edge gift cared tools and opportunities from a proven partner and from within the Tower software.

  • in-store sale of cards
  • out of store sale of cards
  • in-store or online redemption
  • reload or recharge capability
  • combine with vouchers, coupons and other promotions
  • full integration with your POS
  • with card or cardless
  • mobile ready complete gift solution
  • complete management of card printing
  • settlement of payment accounts
  • perfect for franchise or corporate store environment
  • increased security and fraud reduction
  • online customer portal to check balances and redemptions

part of a fully integrated loyalty and CRM program

This new interface has been developed by Tower for a regional department store using our software. It is also being made available to other customers, especially our franchise partners.

Personalised gift gards help retailers retain sales


donna-hay-giftcardThe Donna hay gift cards we created for use with our software in the Donna Hay retail business are an excellent example of how a smart retailer can offer a service through our software that helps retail revenue for the business. each card has a unique barcode and our software tracks the balance held on the card by the customer.

While many years old, this gift card facility helps retailers retain revenue – it’s good for business and another good reflection of a valuable opportunity we offer our retail partners.

Besides offering excellent gift card support in our POS software, we also offer a gift card design and production service.

Sunday small business retailer management advice: keep revenue in-store


Smart retailers offer gift cards for use in their business. While anyone can sell gift cards and gift EFTPOS cards for use in other businesses, only you can sell gift cards for redemption in your business. This provides the best commercial outcome for any retailer from a gift cards.

Whereas you might mage a coupe of dollars selling a gift card or a gift EFTPOS card for use in another store, you keep 100% of the gift card value for a gift card sold by your for redemption in your business.

We are having success with gift cards in a range of specialist retail businesses including jewellers, bike retailers, gift shops, newsagencies, garden centres, adult shops, pet shops to name a few. We can share experiences from these businesses to illustrate the value the drive for those businesses and the benefits of not leaking cash out of the business in the form of cards to be used elsewhere.

Classic Moves dance shop offers retail shopper loyalty program


classic-movesTower Systems is thrilled to have been helping Classic Moves dance shop in Wollongong NSW to establish their customer loyalty program with this professional card. Classic Moves has been established in Wollogong for 18 years. They are considered to be the largest retailer of dancewear and accessories in the Illawarra and have a reputation for quality stock and professional, friendly service. Their loyal customers are respected with this very special card.

Our in-house marketing and graphic design team has worked with Classic Moves on designing the cards and having them manufactured specifically for the business to give to customers.

A fresh approach to the shopper loyalty program


underthegableUnder The Gable takes a fresh approach to the shopper loyalty program with this card we designed and created for them and their use of our gift shop software. We love what they have called this: VIP HOME LOVERS CLUB. It’s smart and compelling, different to the usual approach taken for loyalty program offers. It’s a point of difference only a small business could offer, one leveraged well by the Under The Gable team. Kudos to them for their creativity.

The Tower Systems marketing and design team designed the card and arranged its manufacture as an extension of the services we offer our customers.

Pet Shop software users drive sales with gift vouchers


elitefishPet shop businesses using our pet shop software are loving the opportunity of driving sales using gift vouchers. The photo shows a voucher / card we designed for Elite Fish in Mount Barker. This is one of the many new pet shops we have installed with our software recently. Using the git voucher, Elite Fish can sell to a customer who wants to be able to give a gift from the shop but who is unsure what to actually give.

The flexibility in the Tower software when it comes to gift cards and gift vouchers is considerable.

Gift gards help nextra increase sales


nextra-newsagencyOur in-house design and marketing team in our Melbourne head office created this gift card for nextra Mildura for their use in better promoting the nextra business. On the back of the card is a unique barcode as well as the terms and conditions they required – making for a professional representation of the business so that it can better compete in the gift card space.

Gift cards like this have been supported by our software for many many years. They are an excellent way for retailers to drive sales today and lock in sales in the future. In addition to designing the cards, we offer a professional production service plus training on in-buisness implementation.

Preparing for Reed Gift Fair Melbourne


reedgiftmelbThe Tower Systems gift shop software will be on show at the Reed Melbourne Gift Fair is a few weeks. This will be our first trade show for the year – our new gift shop software will be on show.

Promoted in the program for the fair published late in 2013 by Reed, Tower Systems is making a prominent statement about smart technology for gift shop management.

Helping gift retailers with electronic invoicing, electronic ordering, stock control, theft reduction, staff training, efficient selling and overall retail business management, the tower gift shop software will be a feature of the Reed Gift Fair for retailers keep to drive business efficiency and performance.

An additional benefit of this fair for us will be extending connections with gift shop suppliers.

We will be on stand K107.

Wonderful Roses Only gift cards


rosesonlyWe were thrilled to receive a bundle of $20 Roses Only gift cards for everyone from one of our partner suppliers this week. Within minutes of handing out the gift cards Tower team members were using them.

These gift cards are an excellent reminder of the facilities in our POS software for vending gift cards. Our retail partners can vend their own high quality branded cards and they can vend gift vouchers using the software. They can also access a wide variety of corporate branded cards from other retailers for sale within their business.

This time of the year especially having access to a range of gift cards for sale is valuable for retail businesses, especially those selling gifts and cards. Our work in integrating with gift card offerings has helped many retailers deepen shopper baskets and add to business value.

We love the gift of the Roses Only gift  cards to our team members.

Gift card options help POS software users make more form their software


Not only does Tower Systems offer awesome POS software that can be used by retailers to manage gift cards, the company offers a gift card design and production service. Using our own in-house designer, we have been responsible for producing cards for many different retail businesses – large and small.

Our latest gift card order form allows customers to order a gift card from templates established or have their own bespoke card made. This flexibility in gift card options reflects the flexibility in our software – helping retailers use our POS software in the way that best suits their needs.

By enabling retailers to produce their own gift cards and manage card balances using our software provides our customers with a whole of business solution, a means through which they can retain more revenue for their business rather than shipping it to other retailers by selling their branded gift cards.

In addition to excellent gift cards and POS software managing gift card balances, we work with retailers on the engagement on the shop floor, drawing on our own years of experience as retailers using gift cards ourselves. This personal experience helps us provide a level of assistance on implementing facilities like this in our software that go considerably beyond what the traditional software company offers.

Basket data from gift shop software helps gift shops drive sales


A new breed of gift shop owner is using shopper basket data to make savvy business decisions. These business operators are running growth businesses – focused on business outcome success.  Typically, they are retail professionals running their businesses based n a well-considered business plan.

Whereas in the past many gift shop owners ran their businesses on a whim, today’s real success stories are businesses operating on principles of professional retailing.

Tower Systems is privileged to be working with several groups of such gift shop and homewares retailers, providing input on business plans, showing how our gift shop POS software can shine a light on business activity and unlocking other ideas for business improvement.

Working with such proactive retailers helps the Tower business and its software as much as it helps our customers. We are grateful for the openness at the core of these opportunities.

Thanks to a broad range of gift shops using the Tower software we are gaining experience from small, medium and large professional gift and homewares shop operations through this business development work.

More retailers embrace house brand gift cards through POS software


More small and independent retailers using our Point of Sale software are embracing gift cards and gift vouchers through and with our software to provide a stronger value proposition to shoppers. We are promoting the gift card opportunity with in-house professional design and specifically sourced production.

Available now for many years, our Point of Sale software provides small and independent retailers facilities for issuing and managing gift cards and gift vouchers.

We back these facilities with regular professional training opportunities – like the free online training workshops we host regularly and one on one training provided as needed individually.

In addition to terrific software for managing gift vouchers and gift cards and offering training in how to use these, we offer a design and production service for gift cards. This includes access to a considerable library of gift card artwork and a service to create one-off designs to a specific business requirement brief.