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Notice to recruitment agencies


When we advertise a new role on Seek as we have done this week and the ad notes No Agents, we actually mean that. We have never used a recruitment agency and it is unlikely we ever will.

Welcome Jim


We are thrilled to welcome Jim law to our help desk team this week. Jim will be immersed in in-house and on-site training for the next few weeks before he gets to start working with our customers. Jim comes to us with excellent IT experience and education.

Successful hire for the help desk


We are thrilled to have finalised arrangements for our new help desk team member. Jim will start with us in just over a week and step right into training that will build on his considerable retail experience.

New POS software help desk hire process almost complete


The process started weeks ago to bring on a new Point of Sale Software Help Desk team members is almost at a conclusion. Having worked through more than 1020 applicants we are down to the final two. We plan on getting an offer out this weekend to the successful candidate.  We have enhanced our selection process this time around – we’re always chasing change to help us do what we do better.

Welcome Phil


Phil Daniels has joined our sales team, taking on sales in New Zealand for us. Phil started with us this week in Australia, meeting team members and starting the process of learning our software.  There will be several trips between New Zealand and Australia over the first couple of months as Phil learns our software, marketplaces and processes.  In between he will be making contact with customers in New Zealand from his Auckland base.

Welcome on board Phil!

New help desk role filled


We have successfully hired for our new help desk role, finding a terrific candidate from a strong pool of candidates and an even stronger group we shortlisted for interview earlier this week.  We are pleased with the way this has played out and confident that we have made an excellent choice.  We will introduce the successful candidate once they have gone through training and become part of our support team.

Interviews today for new help desk role


We are meeting with five excellent candidates today for the new help desk role we have on our national help desk.  Out of more than seventy candidates we worked hard to get to this shortlist for interview.  Our goal is to have a final decision in the next couple of days.

Applications rolling in for new Point of Sale software help desk role


Thanks to our use of a mix of social media and paid online advertising we have already received an excellent mix of applications for the help desk role we are creating. Our plans are to get to a short list of candidates later this week with interviews sometime next week.

We are most interested in candidates with good IT skills, excellent communication and an affinity for small business.

Expanding installation and training team


We have started looking for an additional resource for our Point of sale software installation and training team. While we’re open on the location for the role, we would place stronger weight on applicants from Western Australia.

Shortlist of candidates for New Zealand role


It has been hard work but we have finally got to a shortlist of candidates for our New Zealand Business Development Manager role to be based out of Auckland.  We received applications from candidates with excellent skills and experience and have taken time to consider all as we developed our shortlist.

The result is a small pool of candidates with exciting experience and skills.  Next comes the interviews…

Thanks Coke


Thanks to the generosity of the Coca Cola company our kitchen now boasts a spanking new Coke fridge. This will hold Coke and other products from the company which are available to team members for quenching thirst through the day.

We work with Coke on a number of levels and in a variety of channels so stocking their products in-house was a natural extension.

Like our top of the line Nespresso coffee machine, having Coke, a good range of food (including healthy options) and a range of teas and other beverages is important in a busy software company.

Looking for a Delphi programmer


We have a permanent vacancy for a delphi developer to join our team … in a new role we have created to help us with work in a range of new software projects we are undertaking in several of our specialist software marketplaces. If you’re a Delphi programmer with excellent commercial skills we would like to hear from you.

New web developer to expand our software development team


We are thrilled to have been successful in hiring a web developer to take on a new role we have created in our expanding software development team.  Our new hire starts with us in just over a week and will expand the software development skillset we have access to in our service of current and future retail business owner customers.

Planning interviews for a new developer role


We are scheduling interviews today for a new web developer role we are filling as part of a team expansion.  Our approach toy new positions is to find good people in advance of the business need so that they are well settled and productive ahead of pressure to deliver.

We have received some excellent applications fro our latest advertising.

Seeking a new web developer


We have advertised for a web developer for a new role we have crested in our business.  we want to expand our skills in a range of web related areas and look forward to bringing on someone appropriately skilled and motivated to further enhance our online offering.

Adding a software development position


We are advertising for another experienced software developer to expand our development team.  With a strong pipeline of development requirements for our plans and the needs of new customers we need the extra resource to help us achieve this.

Adding to our team


Communication is vital for any software company but even more so for a company which serves small and independent retailers. This is why we have created a new communications role in the company. By new role we really do mean new. This is a role unlike any other we have had previously. It will play a key role in how we communicate … across multiple platforms from the traditional to the non traditional.

We have received an excellent pool of candidates and have commenced reviewing these.  Our hope is to start interviews next week with the new candidate to be on board by mid February.

Once in place, the new role will enable us to better communicate with our existing customers and to better reach out to prospective customers. It will better focus our relevance and share our narrative.

Creating a new role, adding to the head count, is a good measure not only of how business is going for us but also of how we expect business to go. we are excited for the opportunities this new role will bring.

Expanding programming resources


We are thrilled to have found a senior developer to join our Delphi software development team.  This new hire will expand our capacity and skills to enable us to better serve existing as well as new customers.

With considerable development commitments already made for 2012 adding to the team has been a priority for us.

New POS software sales role in Auckland New Zealand


We are about to make the final selection of candidates for interview for a new sales role operating out of Auckland New Zealand.  This new role will enhance the skill set we have available in New Zealand and help drive our sales penetration in this important country for us.

The pool of candidates we have from our locally published advertising is excellent.

We are looking for someone with excellent small business and IT credentials.  Ideally, someone with experience in a space similar to ours.  Our plan is to conduct first round interviews in Auckland next week.

Adding a POS software sales Business Development Manager


We are undertaking a final review of candidates for a new Business Development role we are creating within the business.  Operating out of Auckland this new role is part of our expansion in New Zealand.  It forms part of a series of moves we have made this year in the New Zealand marketplace designed to better serve our Point of Sale software customers.

New POS Software Help Desk role advertised


We have placed an ad at for a new customer service role we are creating here at Tower Systems.  We have promoted the new role opportunity among our customer community in the hope of finding someone to join us.   This did not uncover any candidates so we have now advertised widely.

We made the decision to add this role to maintain our position of being over-resourced.  We continue to grow our customer base and like to maintain spare capacity on our customer service team.

Our hope is that we will have the ideal candidate on board by the end of this month.

What we are looking for in our ideal candidate is someone who understands and appreciates small business, communicates well, is committed to customer service and is keen to lead people in their use of technology to drive business efficiency and performance.

Interviewing For New Help Desk Role


Interviews start this morning for a new Help desk role we have created in our Melbourne office.  From the pool of more than one hundred applicants we have selected a good shortlist of candidates.

Shortlisting Help Desk Candidates


We are almost through the process of shortlisting candidates for our new help desk role. Each candidate is considered through a two-step process. This is leading us to a shortlist of between ten and fifteen candidates which will be refined through phone and email interaction in pursuit of five candidates for interview.