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With the growing number of retailer supplier relationships passing through our POS software, we can see the value of these increasing in the businesses run by our customers.

Whereas for years the electronic data flow was about invoices, now it is about much more. We are grateful to suppliers for working with us to deliver more value to retailers.

From small wholesalers to large, suppliers are keen to help independent small business retailers improve productivity, data accuracy and other commercial outcomes as they know from these achievements will flow more commercially valuable relationships.

We bring a better understanding that other POS software companies to these discussions as we are retailers too on many years standing. We are able to bring a practical element to the consideration, to help suppliers better understand the value to their businesses of engaging beyond electronic invoices and stock files.

In the last two weeks we have been able to participate in several meetings with key suppliers that will take relationships a step further and thereby help drive more value for our customers.

The strategic work we are doing with suppliers is differentiating for us in several retail channels. We are excited for the enhancements coming.

Sunday retail management advice: basket analysis helps you sell more


Basket analysis is the analysis of products purchased by transaction – shopping basket. Such analysis typically compares two trading periods overall and by day of week. It also includes this analysis by supplier comparing trading periods and day of week.

Basket analysis shows you the efficiency of product categories (departments). For example, see how many baskets include one category of item and nothing else. You can also see the numbers of times sales are single item sales.

Basket analysis underscores the value to the business of newer categories such as gifts and toys.

Basket analysis at a supplier level is equally insightful, allowing you to compare the basket efficiency and value of suppliers between two tradition periods as well as across each day of the week between two trading periods.

It is at the basket analysis level that you can determine product efficiency. A product is more efficient for you if it is purchased with other items in our view. You can drive this by careful placement on the shop floor, promotion at the sales counter and working with customers on the shop floor to guide their purchases.

It’s an example of how you can use comprehensive business data to drive your in-store actions. For example, knowing what we know about pop vinyls, Saturday is the day we really focus on them with secondary locations to do even better from the Saturday opportunity.

Basket analysis can also help you with rostering. With some category sales requiring more staff time that others, you can consider the product mix sold by day and adjust your roster accordingly. Trimming wages is an important cost saving focus in business.

The goal has to be deeper baskets (more items per transaction) and a greater spread across product categories – but with a focus on higher margin items so that also lift the overall GP performance of the business.

In the Tower Systems software the report to use for this analysis is the Basket Analysis Report. It provides an extraordinary insight into baskets.

Aussie POS software helps small business retailers grow


Small business retailers want to grow, who doesn’t? With rent and labour costs increasing each year, growth is mission critical. POS software company Tower Systems helps its customers grow by providing advice on how to use the software to grow.

As retailers ourselves we can provide practical advice on how to use the software to more than transact sales, we can help retailers use the software to grow their businesses. We do this every day on our help desk, through our consulting services, through our knowledge base and through our business mentoring assistance.

We encourage, guide, educate and support our small business retailer customers in their desire to grow their businesses. it’s something we take serviceably.

Even on the weekend. Take today, Saturday … we have been helping one business owner understand opportunities in their slow selling inventory pool to unlock cash and space for more productive use.

We are serious in our commitment to small business retailers from our software through to the practical advice and support we provide.

Helping small business retailers save time on POS software data backups


kb-backupOur rich content POS software knowledge base is full of advice and assistance for retailers using our Point of Sale software on how to do safe and fast backups of business data. This advice includes information on off site backups for speed and security in any size and scale of business.

The image shows some of the backup specific content on our knowledge base that can be searched by our customers. This rich resource is in addition to live help desk support available to our users as well.

Offering access to a range of backup options including cloud based services retailers partnering with us have choice available to them.

Small retailer POS software users love transparency on software enhancement suggestions


software-ideasMany small business retailers using the POS software from Tower Systems actively engage in suggesting enhancements for the software and many of these suggestions make their way into the software.

Retailers regularly thank Tower for the opportunity to publicly make suggestions and for the transparency of voting by and feedback from others about the suggested enhancements. Indeed, the level of transparency Tower Systems has offered in this area for years now is rare. Some claim user engagement but it is hard to find another software company living the transparency claim like Tower.

The real test of the exclusive Software Ideas facility from tower Systems is the enhancements that make their way into the software. Hundreds of enhancements including new facilities, large and small, exist in the software today thanks to user engagement in making suggestions and voting on these suggestions. It is proving to be a valuable process for tower Systems and its retail business customers.

It is a measure of the company’s confidence that the facility is promoted on its website home page and that the list can be accessed by anyone including competitors.

Software Ideas is managed by a senior member of the software development management team within the company and the overall Tower leadership team makes final decisions about ideas it embraces. All ideas receive feedback from the company.

Video for POS software users discussing update enhancements


Point of Sale software company Tower Systems is taking a different approach to educating customers about the benefits delivered through its latest software update.

Retailers using the Tower POS software have access to a new video produced to specifically outline five highlights accessible through the latest update.

The video is accessible to all customers from the website. A link to the video has also been sent to all customers.

In producing the video, Tower is demonstrating its commitment to reaching customers through a variety of mediums and through these getting technnical information to them in a form that is understandable.

Produced in house, the video is brief yet valuable.

Pride in the POS software update service


The CDs containing our latest POS software update which we have had manufactured to ship to our customers carry a professional label. We go to the extra trouble of professional packaging and shipping the CDs to provide our customers with then ultimate backup. They can get up and running in the event of a disaster without the need to have internet access. Given some recent outages in Australia this is useful. The professional packaging reinforces the professionalism of our company and its commitment to quality software and service.

We think it is important to show that our professionalism reaches beyond our soft are and our customer service. A professional package enshrining our core product presents a good message. It also makes the valuable software CD easier to find and identify.

Retailers using our Point of Sale software can download the update without needing to wait for the CD.

How owning a newsagency helps deliver better customer service


This week, one of our new team members is working at one of the newsagency businesses we own, getting to experience using our Point of Sale software through the eyes of a customer.

This is the kind of help desk employee training which money can’t buy. Having our own retail businesses for use as a live training ground in this way is invaluable for us.  It is key to helping us deliver understandable and practical customer service.

It stands to reason that if you have used the software yourself in a live business situation you are better equipped to empathise with the customer than if all you have to go off is software company training.  Empathy is vital to delivering a good customer service experience.

We run these live in-the-field training sessions for three days at a time.  In addition to helping our help desk team members better understand how our software is used, they uncover software enhancement opportunities thanks to fresh eyes looking at how the software is used.

Owning and operating retail businesses using our software provides us with a valuable point of difference which helps make us more attractive to sales prospects.

Structured Process Works for Expanding the Help Desk Team


We have added two people to our Help Desk over the last couple of months.  Customer feedback on call quality and completeness indicates that the slow and comprehensive induction and training process we follow pays off.

While both had good technical skills, they had not worked in our specific marketplaces.  This is where taking time with training is essential.

Both Jeremy and Randolph are welcome additions to our customer service team.

Five Days is Too Long to Wait For Software Support


When switching a newsagent over from another computer system last week the business received a returned support call from the software company we were switching them from. This returned call was five days after they logged the call. While the query was not urgent, waiting five days for an answer to what was an important question to the customer is way too long.

Here at Tower Systems our commitment to timely and professional customer service is core to our whole business. We know that switching systems is easy. Indeed, half our newsagent customers come to us through switching from other software. So, we understand that we need to resource our business to deliver excellent service.

Small business retailers rely on customer support more so than big business where there is usually an internal department or support infrastructure. We understand this and resource our business appropriately.

We get frustrated when we hear reports of bad experiences retailers have had with other software companies as it taints the view of all IT companies.

Increasing the Help Desk Team


We have increased the headcount with the successful hiring of Jeremy To for a new help desk role within Tower Systems.

Our new team member starts this coming Monday and following intensive training will start having contact with customers.

This new role is part of a series of changes we are making to further enhance the Tower Systems customer experience.

We feel that it is important to publish names when we make such changes as it demonstrates transparency.  Anyone can announce anything but with a name you can check for yourself and discover that it is true.  This is another customer service focused move by Tower Systems.

Multi Channel Communication Essential to Small Business Software Support


Getting small business software users to fully engage with their software is a challenge for any software company. Too often software companies are criticised for a software deficiency or poor support when a solution was readily available if the customer had used existing facilities or services.

Here at Tower Systems we have found that an aggressive multi-channel communication strategy helps reduce the opportunity for ignorance getting in the way of better software user outcomes.

We have a weekly email of tips and advice, this blog, a monthly snail mail newsletter, weekly online training workshops, training videos, advice sheets as well as live Help Desk support.

As regulars here would see, we obsess about customer communication, ensuring that no matter where or how our customers want to engage we are there, offering accessible and understandable advice and assistance.

Back on Deck After Easter


We are back to full strength today after an extra long Easter break.  While our after hours numbers have been providing support access for urgent issues, today is our first day back with full Help Desk coverage.

While some of us are here already preparing for the day, our Help Desk opens shortly, at 7am.  This will run through to 6pm when our after-hours numbers kick in. We have ensured that the Help Desk is resourced to cope with the usual post-holiday surge in call traffic.

As we covered here last week, we have a structured software support escalation process to ensure that our customers are able to have their concerns dealt with at the most appropriate level in the company.

Support coverage for Easter


We take this opportunity to remind our customers that while our offices are closed for the four days of Easter, our after hours service is open for business.  For urgent queries, our after hours numbers are available: 0418 554 963; 0418 528 577; 0419 842 334.

If you cannot get though on one of these, my number is 0418 321 338. I’ll either have an answer for you or find one.

We take our commitment to customer service seriously – this is why I am happy to publish my mobile phone number.  As the owner of the business I am happy to be accountable.