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Beautiful POS software connected Shopify websites help local small business retailers find new shoppers online

Now, not to brag, here are some of the Tower POS software connected websites our awesome web dev. team has developed:

  1. Avalon Nursery –
  2. Berry Newsagency (Books n Gifts) –
  3. Bear Essence –
  4. Making Spirits Bright –
  5. Seaspray Jewellery –
  6. Gippy Cycles –
  7. IT Warehouse –
  8. Sportfishing Scene –
  9. Northside Produce Agency –
  10. NXP Leven (Serenity Home & Gifts) –
  11. Reservoir Newsagency (The Shop Nxt Door) –
  12. Camping World Dalby –
  13. Randall’s Newsagency (Back O Bourke Collective) –
  14. Peppercorn Gifts & Homewares –
  15. NXP Highlands Market Place (Highlands Gifts & Plush) –
  16. The Shop, University of Newcastle  –
  17. The Petfood Warehouse –
  18. H Rehfisch & Co –
  19. Sprengers Rural Traders –

There are many more than these. We have also developed websites that connect multiple retail outlets.

To help customers keen for a Shopify website we have just launched a trial of a 12 month interest free payment plan for new Shopify website development. This is for new websites ordered from now. Our sales team can explain this to you but essentially it is 12 monthly payments of $550.00. The site goes live as soon as you and your data are ready. The payment plan is designed to help you smooth out your cashflow. To consider a Shopify site developed by us, please email

Tower Systems offers free advice for small business retailers on POS software connected Shopify websites


Several weeks ago our team at Tower Systems hosted four free workshops covering a range of topics related to creating POS software connected Shopify sites and how to drive traffic to them. The goal was to share insights and offer free advice and training for retailers looking to grow online sales.

We share here videos of these sessions in which a deep well of free advice was shared and explored.

Here are videos of the workshops for anyone interested. If you are considering a website for your business, buyer beware. There are plenty of shonky business people in the web development space. Our hope is that the four workshops share information that you find useful in navigating a path to growing your online sales.

This last session is all about writing good blog posts and how they play a key role in driving traffic.

We are grateful to the retailer who participated.

SEO advice for POS software connected Shopify websites helps small business retailers drive traffic


We have shared updated SEO advice with our local small business retailer customers for whom we have developed beautiful POS software connected Shopify websites.

Through personal training and backed by peer-reviewed written advice, we have shared how they can. Make the best use of product names, descriptions and other text so as to drive up their rankings through Google and other search engine platforms.

Just as the search algorithms change overtime, so does our SEO advice for POS software connected Shopify websites. Our latest advice was first field tested prior to sharing with our customers. we have been able to sow them how following the advice can play for their businesses.

Small business retailers can’t be expected to be SEO experts. Our recommendation is that they NOT hire SEO experts though as too often we have found that money wasted. The key is to now the best type of customer for your business. They, to research how to best connect with that type of customer. This is where an understanding of your specific specialty retail business can make a difference. It’s where our Tower Systems expertise can make a difference.

Our latest SEO advice for POS software connected Shopify websites has been provided to all customers for no charge, as part of our customer service suite of services. we see it as a genuine value-add for our customers, something we are grateful to have been able to provide to them.

Running consumer-facing websites ourselves positions us for useful knowledge, which we leverage for our customers through advice like we have mentioned here. We’ve made SEO mistakes from which we have learned. we have also made some very cool SEO moves, from which we have also learned. We have sheared our own experienced, to add to the free resource pool available for our customers.

Helping our local small business retailer community leverage practical advice for SEO settings for their type of business is part of what we offer as a specialty retail focussed POS software and web development business. We have helped several retailers recently stop paying fees to external businesses based on the free help in this area available to them as part of the Tower Systems community.

Advice for local small business retailers considering a website for their business


Our CEO sent the following email to small business retailers on our database Saturday morning. We share it here as we know some retailers are being encouraged to go online, including by some with dubious claims about their success and what they can do:

Good morning this Saturday morning.

Like many of you, I guess, I am sitting here getting some work donw while rgularly checking for Covid updates, to find out when the various press conferences will be. I’ve also been checking emails.

I am frustrated at some of the email pitches I am seeing to retailers offering websites. I am especially frustrated by those who claim it is cheap and easy.

Like anything in this world, you get what you pay for. 

There is one shonk emailing claiming that you’ll make a ton from selling online from a. website they setup for you. I check the traffic they get to their own online shop and it’s under 100 visitors a day.

I own Tower Systems and I own several retail shops. Each shop has a website connected to it. I know how hard it is to get the website up and running, attract shoppers and maintain traffic. The rewards can be worth it.

There is no easy road. But, that should not put you off for if you get it right, the reward can be wonderful.

Click here to see some of the many websites we have created.

I have a small high street retail shop in suburban Melbourne that will do more than $160,000 in online sales this year. What we have done for that shop is what we advise our POS software and web development customers to do. It runs a POS software commented Shopify site, which we created here at Tower Systems.

A website is a hungry beast. If you leave things to someone else, I guarantee the results will not be as good as they could be.

There is no easy road. We have a pathway that focusses on early wins, good commercial outcomes you will like.

We develop POS software connected websites for our customers for $6,600.00. But, we expect you to get your data ready, in the POS software, so it flows across. We guide you through this.

We also develop Magento websites. They are for more complex needs. One of our magento websites does around $500,000 a year in sales. It’s connected to a group of retail businesses, which are owned by local retailers.

We have used WooCommerce but no more. It’s expensive to maintain. Anyone who asks our advice, we say don’t go with WooCommerce.

With the news our of NSW yesterday about click and collect, we can help you with this. It’s part of what we do for customers through a POS software connected website. We can also help you navigate complex shipping requirements as well as connecting with a variety of payment options.

If you are interested in a POS software connected Shopify site, click here to see our fixed price quote.

In addition to developing a beautiful site for you, we can help with the planning by sharing data for your competitors, guiding you on keywords and making suggestions on look and feel.

Given what has happened in NSW, VIC and the ACT in the last few days, we can fast track a site for you. let us know if this interests you.

To find out more, email or call Tim on 0401 833 917 or Justin on 0434 365 789.

If you have the time, check out videos some of the workshops we have hosted in which we discuss with retailers web development and how to make some of the decisions you need to make around this.

Thanks for reading. I hope you are safe and well. And, please, beware claims offering cheap websites setup entirely by others.

Mark Fletcher
Managing Director
Tower Systems
0418 321 338.

PS. As a guide, online should by now be at least 10% of your product revenue.

Local small business retailers keen to enhance online and click & collect


Our Zoom meetings yesterday with local small business retailers about getting online and making the m out of the online opportunity have resonated, and resulted in plenty more informed with evidence they can use as they walk the pathway to doing more business online.

Our sessions stayed away from pitching our web development services. We said they would be educational, not sales focussed, and that is how we ran them. we even had a couple of web developers join us to find out about connecting with our POS software.

With so much misinformation abut there about taking your retail business online, it’s important to us that we offer facts from which small business retailers can benefit.

When you are ready to connect your POS software to Shopify through a beautiful and easily found website, we can help through our professional web development services.

Helping retailers fix problematic websites


We offer a service whereby we help small business retailers fix problems with websites created for them by another business.

While our preference is to create a fresh website using the skills of our webbed team, in some cases it is better to fix what others have done. So, that’s what we do.

We help our customers connect their tower POS software to their Shopify, WooCommerce or Magento website. W have a proprietary platform through data flows between the website and the POS software, s0o that the POS software maintains accurate stock on hand data.

It is frustrating seeing some of the mistakes in websites delivered to customers by external web developers. They range from poor design through to technical failures. All fixable, but all should have been addressed as part of the solution delivered.

Our skills webbed team is ale to help our small business retail customers fix many of the website problems they have been left with by others. Sometimes, this work evolves into a re-design to make the website look more presentable.

With the website an online representation of a retail shop, it is important to get it right, to get the website itself right as well as the connection to the website with the POS software right. We offer web developers a ton of help to do this. Unfortunately, some of them reject that help, thinking they know better. oo often, what they deliver demonstrates that they did not know better. This is why we end up spending time fixing issues, fixing their websites to be of commercial value to our customers.

Our years of experience in commercial web development using Shopify, Magento and Woo see us with a terrific skill set, which we leverage for our customers through the websites we deliver to them.

Our web development work is fixed price, based on a thorough understand of what each customer needs. We only get to this point once we are certain we know exactly what a customer is looking for from a website. The biggest mistake we see web developers make is not knowing what a customer needs or wants. We see this when we are called in to fix problems with websites.

Fixed price POS software connected Shopify sites for local retailers


The Tower Systems approach to Shopify website development and connection to our specialty retailer POS software is thorough. it includes …: For ease of reference and clarity, below is a numbered list of all work and tasks included in the above quote and work you will have to do. This is the complete list.

  1. Shopify account. We would use our development account until such time, as we deliver the live site to you. Once this has occurred you will need your own Shopify account and we will transfer the site to you.  We can help you get your own account.
  2. Template / theme selection. We will guide you through template / theme selection options. You will have free choice over any theme available at Many templates have no cost while some have a cost, paid to Shopify. We will also fund the purchase of a paid-for theme up to US$250.00 in value if that is the theme you want.
  3. Overall design to be applied to the template selected to customise the look and feel of the site. While there is back and forth involved, the design process is not priced to be an extended back and forth process. Please be clear and concise in articulating our needs. We will listen to your brief and provide a design for your consideration. Adjustments can be made within the quote but any major diversion from the original brief may add to the cost.
  4. The site we create will have the following elements:
    1. Including text and images (which you are to provide), and site navigation. We would also include a business location map.
    2. Social media links to any business accounts you have for: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.
    3. About page. Your text, describing you and your business. This will need to be between 150 and 350 words. Well written, clear as to what you and your business are about.
    4. Legal / Privacy Policy. We can use yours or you can edit ours and use it.
    5. Terms and conditions page: terms and conditions that you can modify.
    6. Contact us page showing your contact details as well as an enquiry form.
    7. Configured Product Page showing the images and details about products.
    8. Shopify Chat setup, if you want chat turned on.
    9. Blog feed. A blog allows you to publish your own news stories. These can be critical for helping people find the site through Google.
  1. The setup of loading of products into the site via a live link to the Retailer software. We would need you to have this data in Retailer ready for export.
  2. Interfacing to payment gateways: Shopify Pay, Apple Pay, Stripe and Paypal.
  3. OPTION: Interfacing to Humm, Zip and Afterpay. The work is all done at once for all 3 or for those of the 3 you go with. It is vital you do all at once.
  4. Training: over the phone and usually around two hours. We’d like 2 people from the business there as we have found this helps the business get the most from it.

There is more to the work we do than this. It is detailed, comprehensive and small business retail ourcome focussed. Oh, and all done in Australia for local Aussie businesses.

Retail business advice on POS software integrated websites


We make POS software integrated Shopify websites for a fixed price: $6,600.00 (inc. GST).

Too often we see small business retailers pay a web consultant anything between $5,000 and $15,000 for an awful website, one not connected to your POS software.

A retailer called us just recently in tears about money wasted on a site that looks like it is from the 1990s … thousands down the drain.

We are seeing too many WooCommerce / WordPress websites that businesses want to switch from. Web developers recommend WooCommerce as it guarantees income for them. In our experience, this is an expensive platform to maintain, a platform we moved from ourselves for e-commerce years ago.

If you want a website for your business, please ask us. You have nothing to lose and much to gain by getting us to quote.

See some of the beautiful websites we have created:

Before we start creating a beautiful website for your business, we want to know about what you need from the site, your competitors and how you’d like to handle things like shipping, payment methods and more.

We also share details of our experiences with the consumer facing websites we run ourselves as well as experiences from the websites we have developed for others.

Here’s where to start: contact one of our sales people, please call 1300 662 957 or email

Australian made.
We make websites for our customers ourselves. We do not outsource this work offshore. There is something to be said for locally made websites for local retail businesses that, themselves, want local people to shop locally.

At the core of what we do, we create websites that we would want if we owned your business. Each website is a calling card, something we want to show off to win business for you and to win business for us.

Website Q&A.
Can I run multiple Shopify websites from the one business? Yes
Can Retailer POS software connect to a website? Yes.
Where is the best place to manage stock description and price data? Retailer.
Can I have a different price online to in my shop? Yes.
Can I have a different description online to in my shop? Yes.
Does Retailer store photos for what I sell? Yes.
Can these flow to the website? Yes.
Do I have to put everything I sell in my shop online? No.
Where do I start? Do our online questionnaire.
After I do the questionnaire, what’s next? Sign up with us and we will guide through a structured process designed to get the best website possible for your business.
Money is tight. I can get a website cheaper elsewhere. You should go with the web developer that best suits your business. Remember, you get what you pay for.
Let us show you what we can do in creating a website for your business.

We’d love to show some of the beautiful, functional and flexible websites we have created for our customers. Let’s talk …

A website of itself will not drive success. What’s needed is a beautiful website with the right tech and connections to help you reach more customers than you do now.

Small business retail advice on making your website successfully work for you


Having a website for your retail business is terrific – as long as the site is terrific. That means serving a need, being easily found, being enjoyed and integrating seamlessly with your business.

Here at Tower Systems, we develop websites for our POS software customers. Websites that integrate with your POS software.

To help you consider what your retail business website could look like and could be used for, here are some suggestions that we and our customers have found useful for those considering a website to engage with …

  1. Look carefully at competitor sites online locally and overseas as it is beneficial to see what someone else is doing.
  2. Only use unique images. If you use supplier supplied images, they may be on other sites and Google will know this. Google likes fresh content.
  3. Write your own product name / title. Use search keyworks in the name. Google likes fresh content.
  4. Write your own product description and think about what shoppers search for.
  5. Do not load everything. Too much stock makes a site hard to navigate.
  6. Consider using a website name that is different to your business name. Online can benefit from a different brand to your in-store situation.
  7. Be open to additional sites. You may make more money from having multiple.
  8. Support the site with active social media. A Facebook page with a name the same as the web name.
  9. Promote the site with an email monthly at least, through MailChimp or similar.

Too often we see small business retailers think their website needs to reflect an online version of their shop. While that may be okay, it may not be the best business move. Sometimes, exploring a new category of product or service online could be a soft and good way to explore expanding the business without disrupting the existing in-store business.

A website connected to a retail business can be a good way to explore the expansion or evolution of the retail business. Tower Systems as its webstore team can work with you, helping you to explore options and opportunities that may align with your current business and the goals you have for it and for yourself.

This is where an engaging and consultative approach could work to help you walk to an online solution that is more nuanced and enjoyable to your personal and business needs.

POS software connected websites developed by Tower Systems for small business retailers


We are grateful to be expanding out portfolio of websites for small business retailers, helping them to transact online.

Here are some of our recently completed POS software connected websites:

If you are interested in a POS software connected website, please reach out to our sales team:

Included in our fixed price local retail business website development package, we will create a Shopify site for you.

For ease of reference and clarity, below is a numbered list of all work and tasks included in the above quote and work you will have to do. This is the complete list.

  1. Shopify account. We would use our development account until such time, as we deliver the live site to you. Once this has occurred you will need your own Shopify account and we will transfer the site to you.  At this point you will need your own Shopify account.
  2. Template / theme selection. We will step you through template / theme selection options. You will have free choice over any theme available at Many templates have no cost while some have a cost, paid to Shopify. We will also fund the purchase of a paid-for theme up to US$250.00 in value if that is the theme you want.
  3. Overall design to be applied to the template selected to customise the look and feel of the site. The design process is not priced to be a back and forth process. We would consult prior to doing the customisation. We will listen to your brief and provide a design. Minor adjustments can be made within the quote but any diversion from the original brief would add to the cost.
  4. The site will have the following base elements created for you
    1. Including text (which you are to provide), images, button. We would also include a location map.
    2. Home page links to any business accounts you have for: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.
    3. About page. Your text, describing you and your business.
    4. Privacy Policy page listing a policy we have – that you can modify.
    5. Terms and conditions page: terms and conditions that you can modify.
    6. Contact us page showing your contact details as well as an enquiry form.
    7. Configured Product Page showing the images and details about products.
    8. Shopify Chat setup, if you want chat turned on.
  1. The setup of loading of products into the site via a live link to the Retailer software. We would need you to have this data in Retailer ready for export.
  2. Interfacing to one or both payment gateways: Stripe and Paypal.
  3. Interfacing to both of Humm and Zip. You will need to create the accounts with them. Afterpay is an additional $500 and you will need to create an account.
  4. Training of your nominated person in the management of the site. This is done over the phone and should take no more than two hours. We would suggest two sessions of training for appropriately skilled people.

We have many moe websites in our portfolio and new sites launching every week.

We love seeing our customers in the news


The Cairns Post ran a feature on The Feed Shop from Gordonvale, located half an hour out of Cairns, and their online sales. We are grateful to have made their POS software connected website. The reference in the article to tech support is a reference to us.

Michelle, the owner of the business said this yesterday on our private Tower customer Facebook group: If there are any Tower customers who are considering an online store with Tower, I encourage you to chat to the team. From the first step in planning, to completion, and now upkeep/new ideas, the Tower support has been amazing! Our online store has made HUGE difference to our business during these challenging times. 

Fixed price POS software connected Shopify website development


Tower Systems offers a fixed price website development solution for retailers keen to sell online using Shopify. Our POS software connected Shopify websites are made to serve the needs of each retail business that partners with us.

We engage in a discovery process to ensure we genuinely understand their business needs. Our website development team then works with them to create a beautiful POS software connected Shopify website.

The work is considerable, detailed, interactive and focussed solely on delivering for the retail business the POS software connected website solution they want. And, yes, all of this is delivered on a fixed price basis.

We went with offering fixed price Shopify website development because of the need we saw and the discovery that too often web developers hooked people with a lowball quote and then applied add-on charges, making the website far more expensive than needed.

Our fixed price Shopify POS software connected solution has already been embraced by many retailers with commercial success, helping them to sell to shoppers who live in other states and even countries.

Our approach is structured from the outset, undertaken with the goal of delivering what our retail business customers want. We have found that by engaging in through pre-planning we are able to deliver happiness to our customers. The old adage of measure three times and cut once is true when it. comes to our fixed price Shopify POS software connected website service.

Our Tower Systems Shopify website development service is 100% based out of our Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia office. This matters as our web development people understand the needs of local retail. They work local hours. They have the cultural and retail knowledge experiences to deliver an intuitive and engaging Shopify website solution. And, again, this is a fixed price service.

We suggest you approach launching a website as a start-up business. Sure, it may sell some or all of what you sell in your shop. However, it is different, it is its own thing with different needs and different opportunities. Seeing it as a start-up can help. Also, seeing it as a start-up could take you on a fresh path.

You need to love your website. If you don’t it will not get the attention and support it needs from you. By lovewe mean love what it sells, how it does this and how it represents you.

Seamless POS software Shopify integration helps more small business retailers easily sell online


Tower Systems offers seamless integration of its POS software with Shopify, sharing sales data, inventory data and inventory images. The flow of data from the POS to Shopify and from Shopify to the POS software means that small business retailers can deliver a whole of business approach to data management for physical and online sales.

Better still, Tower Systems developed Shopify websites for customers, in addition to developing POS software for specialty retailers.

Our POS software development team and our web development team are separate in our POS software company but they do collaborate, to ensure that the Shopify POS software integration is seamless, robust and to the standards expected by Shopify.

As a Shopify partner, we are grateful to have delivered for our customers in this area, providing a seamless two-way data link between Shopify and our POS software.

Last year, we helped many retailers sell online through our Shopify POS software integration. In 2021 we are set to help even more.

We offer a fixed price Shopify site development solution, guiding our customers through product selection, design, editorial, theme selection and go-live. Our approach is comprehensive. It is assisted by a strong and direct link to Shopify from our POS software, built to the standards set by Shopify.

We go further…

Through a consultative process, the web specialists at Tower help retailers discover how they can genuinely differentiate online to attract new shoppers, especially shoppers who are not local, shoppers who may otherwise not know the business exists.

By researching current search engine data as to what people are searching for, Tower Systems has been able to help retailers pivot online while using the existing business for labour and other overheads.

While the temptation is for retailers to represent their existing business online, the most success is had by retailers who treat their website as a start-up, a new business. This is where the comprehensive keyword research by Tower can help unlock commercially valuable opportunities.

Selling online is hard work made easier if you get the technical foundations right first. This is where Tower Systems can help, it is where our POS software / Shopify integrated solution helps small business retailers – to get online, sell online and through this to find new shoppers who might otherwise never have discovered the retail business.

Shopify POS software solution for small business retailers


Aussie POS software company Tower Systems is grateful to offer a Shopify POS software solution for small business retailers.

As a Shopify partner, the Tower Systems Shopify POS software solution it seamless between the in-store POS snd the online store, with one central dataset for inventory as well as for managing sales – in-store and online.

It’s a complete solution, a proven solution in stores across many different retail niches.

Developed in Australia and delivered first years ago and enhanced regularly since, the Shopify POS software solution is robust and first for purpose for gift shops, jewellers, bike shops, toy shops, newsagents, games shops, pet shops, garden centres and plenty more. This is a robust solution for a range of vertical market businesses.

The Shopify POS software solution from Tower Systems works beautifully both at the sales counter as well as  through the online shopper experience. Tower Systems is grateful to own retail businesses with strong online sales where this Shopify POS software solution has been tested by the business itself.

By walking in the shoes of our retailers we have been able to fine-tune the Shopify POS software solution to ensure it genuinely is a solution. We bring together both sides – the POS software side and all it manages for the retail business and the Shopify side, through beautiful websites that we develop to capture online sales. By building both for our small business retail customers we are able to deliver a wholistic Shopify POS software solution.

As one of the world’s most popular eCommerce platform, Shopify is the perfect tool for selling online. With a customisable template that can be edited with ease, and a powerful backend allowing monitoring of store data, Shopify is optimal for the growth of your business.

Through the Tower Systems Shopify POS software solution link, your business can sell online with very little additional effort. The website becomes a reflection of your physical store, allowing online sales with no change in everyday trading.

We are grateful too be able to help small business retailers transact online in a seamless and data safe way, with one data set, one place to manage critical business data. This ihas been brought about through our Shopify POS software solution, something that is Australian made, for Australian businesses.

AC/DC box coin set from the Royal Australian Mint going off!


We built the Mint Coin Shop for newsXpress to sell coins from the Royal Australian Mint online. Today, they launched a very special AC/DC commemorative box set, which includes an exclusive mint coin. here is a video showing off what is in this AC/DC coin box set.

We are grateful for the role we have played in bringing the AC/DC coin set to Aussie AC/DC fans and to do so through a Shopify site connected with our POS software.

newsXpress partners with the Royal Australian Mint with more than 100 locally owned newsXpress stores selling coins, including the AC/DC box set.

Tower Systems serves 3,500+ small business retailers with specialty POS software.

Practical advice for small business retailers in going online with a POS software connected website


We received an online order recently in one of our shops at 1:33pm worth $800.00. It was one of 12 online orders for that business that totalling $1,800 in value.

Each one of these orders was a pre-order – fully paid for up front for stock that is another week away from arriving in-store and two months away from being paid for by us.

The specific products are not relevant as what we share below could apply to plenty of products and product categories. What we have done in this two and a half year old suburban high street business is what anyone could do and what we know some retailer colleagues are doing to win online sales.

  1. Create your online presence as a start-up business. Our recommendation is that you not take your existing shop online under your existing shop’s branding.
  2. Choose a product niche or category that is sought after, that is being searched for. This could be a brand, a licence, an end use or some other segmentation that makes sense to the shopper.
  3. Look for brands and categories people could be loyal to for some time.
  4. Source key suppliers. Preference suppliers who might work with you on geographically exclusive items.
  5. Register a domain and business name that speaks to the shopper for the chosen category.
  6. Develop your approach to packaging and shipping, remembering that this process has to be delivered as a brand extension. Add value here and you will bring them back.
  7. Create a site that serves the shopper.
  8. Include on the website unique knowledge / information that lifts you up as an expert in the product category field.
  9. Include a chat facility on the site, so you can answer questions from people who do not want to email or call with their queries.
  10. Create a separate Facebook page to support the website. Regularly feed contact to that page, content specifically for that page.
  11. Ask your suppliers to link to your website and appreciate them for any promotion they offer on their social media pages.
  12. Search out other social media pages that reach your target shopper and engage with those communities.
  13. Email shoppers, appreciating their business. Find ways to remain connected with them as this connection can help bring them back.

The first step revenue goal with online for any business entering that space has to be 5% (or less) of total revenue. Once there, the next goal is 10%, then 15% and so on. Goals are important.

Treat your online business as a start up. Manage it as such. Embrace mistakes and failures as they are the foundation bricks to success – cliché yes, but true.

  • Do you have to stock in your shop products you sell online? No. We say this as many retailers think the answer is yes. Seriously, think of your online business as a start up – doing this frees you to be more open to what you sell.
  • Can I put my existing shop online though? Of course. It’s 100% up to you.
  • Isn’t shipping hard? Offer what enough people want and shipping can be resolved by building it into the price or you looking at online as cream sales, sales from which you can give up some margin.

Our POS  software company develops websites for small business retailers. While what we have written here does relate to the online success at my high street shop, it is the same advice we provide all retailers who contact Tower Systems querying about website development.

Small business website Q&A


Today @ 10:30am AEST we are hosting a free workshop and Q&A for small business retailers considering a POS software connected website. This is another in our series of sessions where the content is driven by attendee questions.

We will have web developers and web / POS integration support folk there to take any questions.

Free workshop: Web link Q&A.
Today, Friday, we host a website Q&A @ 10.30am AEST. We’ll answer all your questions about the link as well as Shopify and related questions as much as we are able. Whether you have a website or are considering one, this could be a beneficial session to attend. Here are the details to join:
Meeting ID: 973 4149 9988 Passcode: 514210

Helping small business retailers pivot online


All through Corona we have been helping retailers pivot online thanks to our fixed price Shopify website development. We continue to run open, transparent and interactive online workshops for retailers, where we answer questions and provide plenty of examples. Here is a video of one of our recent sessions.

Shopify website development in Australia


Tower Systems continues to develop beautiful Shopify websites for small business retailers in Australia.

Our Shopify development work is 100% done in Australia, by developers who work for our company, in Australia.  This matters because our team members understand Australian retail. They also understand how to connect the Shopify websites to POS software, like our own POS software.

Our Shopify website development is done on a fixed price basis. We do this in service our our retail business customers, specialty retailers with specialty needs. We provide a comprehensive plan as well as a terrific hand over document that outlines how any retailer can get the most from the Shopify site.

As a partner of Shopify, we bring the latest insights and tools to life in each website that we develop for our our customers. As Shopify evolves, so do we. we participate in Shopify conferences, face to face in Las Vegas and Toronto as well as online, to ensure we are up to date and reflecting the opportunities of their platforms.

Our POS software connected Shopify websites that we develop offer easy access to AfterPay, ZipPay, Humm, PayPal, click and collect, Sendle and more in terms of seamless integrations. These, plus social media integrations, offer true connectivity between our Shopify websites and the retail businesses they bring to life online.

Designed to serve your needs, the Shopify websites we develop are done in collaboration, with regular communication, offering our customers opportunities to learn with us so as to make using and adjusting the site in the future easy and smart of the retail business.

Tower Systems undertakes Shopify website development primarily for small and independent retail businesses. These customers are at the core of our business. The work is done 100% in our website development team, which is based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. We have a separate development team for our POS software.  But … both teams work together to deliver seamless connectivity from which our small business retail customers can benefit.

Our fixed price approach to Shopify website development is clear, transparent and thorough. we have a wonderful portfolio of sites delivered already. we’d be glad to share details with anyone interested in Shopify website development for their retail business.

To find our more, please reach out to our sales team at

NEW: Online workshop for small business retailers on getting online successfully


Tuesday August 4, at 12:30pm, please join us for an open workshop on selling online. Everyone is welcome. Bring your questions as they will guide where the discussion flows. We’d love to explore what to sell, how to sell, how to ship and what to consider in going online. Here is the link to join:
Meeting ID: 993 3785 2843 Passcode: 071157

More advice for small business retailers connecting POS software to a Shopify website


What you get out of having a Shopify site or any website created for your retail business is up to you. This is important to consider because we see retailers sometimes think that turning on a website drives success. That alone does not.

Here in this article we seek to provide an example of some advice we share with retailers considering a website created by us. This information, along with other comprehensive information and advice we provide, is intended to educate and guide small business retailers in getting online and getting online through us.

A Shopify site, like any website, is a hungry beast. By this we mean that it  needs to be fed, with new content and changes, regularly.

  1. Continue to add products and ensure they are named and described how people would search for them. For example, if you sell a Mickey Mouse teacup, in your POS software you might call it teacup – Mickey. From a search perspective, it needs to be called: Disney Mickey Mouse teacup.
  2. Refresh your landing page descriptions. A landing page is a collection page on which you have items for that collection. Write 3 or 4 crisp sentences of 15 or 20 words each with the sentences punching keywords people are likely to search for. Remember, you are writing more for the search engines than humans.
  3. The best photos are those you take, of single products. A photo of a display is not easily understood by humans or Google.
  4. Add articles. Your knowledge could be what differentiates your business from any competitor. Indeed, non-product content will most likely drive more traffic than product content. Write articles about what you sell and your business more broadly. Fresh text-based content helps drive the authority of your website. Each article should these rules to engage with Google:
    1. Be at least 350 words.
    2. Use a keyword or key phrase at 5+ times through the article.
    3. Be your own written fresh content.
    4. Cover a single topic or focus.
  5. Get suppliers and others to link to you. The more the better.
  6. Sell products on additional channels: Facebook, Instagram & eBay.
  7. Regularly pitch your site on social media.
  8. Use Shopify’s abandoned cart feature to push sales.
  9. Pitch promotional discounts to draw in new customers.

This is not everything. It is designed to be a guide, to get indie retailers thinking early.

Advice for retailers considering establishing a POS software connected website


With so many small business retailers implementing POS software connected websites, we are leaning into providing fresh and useful advice for for retailers early for them to consider this prior to making plans for their website.

We have developed this advice based on years of experience in creating Shopify sites for small business retailers.

This is written for people who think they want a Shopify website for their business but don’t know where to start, don’t know which option to go with, can’t see how you can make money, worry that you won’t have the time. If any of these is you, please start here.

You are not alone. These concerns, feelings, are common.

The reality is that a Shopify site will take more time than you can imagine. It most likely will not obviously make money, most don’t. We say obviously because there are ways websites make money beyond direct sales.

We suggest you approach launching a website as a start-up business. Sure, it may sell some or all of what you sell in your shop. However, it is different, it is its own thing with different needs and different opportunities. Seeing it as a start-up can help. Also, seeing it as a start-up could take you on a fresh path.

You need to love your website. If you don’t it will not get the attention and support it needs from you. By lovewe mean love what it sells, how it does this and how it represents you.

This brings us to what you sell online. That can only be resolved by you. It needs to be something, or a category of things, that people are searching for because if they are not looking, finding shoppers is much harder, something you feel good about.

Starting is key. In our experience, where people land with a website a year on, 2 years on and more is different to where they start. They would not have got there if they had not started. That is key in our view – starting, gaining experience, maybe stumbling or falling before moving on.

Think carefully about what you would like to sell, research it. Take your time. Make the move once you know. Starting before you know what you want to do could be a mistake.

Beautiful POS software connected Shopify websites from Tower Systems


We have delivered more beautiful and commercially engaged Shopify websites connected to our POS software for small business retailers. Here are some of the recent new websites launched by our partner retailers:

We have close to fifty new websites currently under development.

Our web development experts are skilled in development using Magento, Shopify and WooCommerce. This is in addition to us developing in native mode using multiple such tech platforms.

From the simple to the complex, the single store to multiple group businesses, we can deliver web based solutions to small business retailers to help them sell online locally, nationally and internationally -in local currency as well as through overseas currency.

Web development here at Tower Systems follows a structured process that is driven by the outcomes sought by the client retail business. We work to serve these needs from the outset, whether it is an information site, an e-commerce site, offering click and collect, delivery or other fulfilment of online orders.

Through consultation, our small business retail clients can imagine their needs and we can help them fulfil these needs and do so on a platform that can evolve as the online experiences of the business evolves. It is an iterative process that works beautifully for small business retailers and their team members.

Click here to access a quick questionnaire that helps you determine your own business needs for a website. Many of our customers have found completing this questionnaire helpful and informative.

To find out more, please speak with one of our experts: Please call our sales team at 1300 662 957 or email them at

Buying Australian developed and supported POS software for your business and having your business website developed in Australia is good for the Aussie tech sector. The more we all shop local the better.

Launching December Diamonds mermen Christmas ornaments in Australia


We have developed a Christmas ornaments website for selling awesome Christmas ornaments to Australian shoppers. In addition to the awesome Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments, this Christmas ornaments website has just launched the December Diamonds Ornaments into the Australian marketplace.

This website is connected to our POS software that is running at newsXpress Mount Waverley.

December Diamonds is a respected collectible ornament brand around the world. The December Diamonds mermen and mermaid ornaments are fun, raunchy and suitable for Christmas trees, in the car, at work and at home. They bring brightness and joy to any Christmas celebration. They also work as ornaments all through the year.

The December Diamonds Ornaments are collector items for many as they look for fresh and interesting Christmas ornament opportunities.

Designed by December Diamonds themselves, we are grateful to have a large shipment about to arrive in Australia ready for Christmas 2020 as we get to celebrate Christmas this year. The December Diamonds mermen are a fun celebration for what has been a messy 2020, and the year is only half way through yet.

All the December Diamonds being brought to Australia are on the website right now and available for purchase. From now until when the stock arrives, which will be mid August 2020, all the mermen, mermaids and more are available for certain pre-order.  With supply fixed and not being expanded, collectors can buy now and know for sure that they will receive the stock as soon as the stock is available in-store for safe shipping to customers.

These ornaments are a fresh and unique pre-Christmas celebration gift and we are pleased to have brought the website to life, to offer the December Diamonds range here in Australia for fans and those yet to discover this colourful Christmas ornament range. As the MyOrnaments website notes…

December Diamonds merman ornaments are perfect for all year and perfect for Christmas. These cute December Diamonds Christmas ornaments are an ideal gift or keepsake. They bring joy, colour and life wherever they are placed. We are thrilled to bring December Diamond mermen ornaments to Australia for your pleasure. Now, let’s make 2020 bright with December Diamonds ornaments.

We think Christmas 2020 will be about fun, relaxing and appreciating family. These ornaments and the other ornaments that are at the site we created will help do this. We are ready for Christmas with this awesome website.