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Thank you to our customers!


What a thrill to have so many customers join our live POS software Q&A this morning. We were proud to show off some soon to be released POS software enhancements, discuss opportunities and more. In addition to the live meeting, there was live chat.

Sessions like the one we hosted this morning are regular for us as we connect with our customer community outside of the usual help desk and other one-on-one engagement.

We have a commercial licence for the Zoom platform. This enables us to record the session for wider release to those unable to participate.

To those at the meeting today, thank you. To those who will watch the video and provide feedback, thank you, too!

POS software helps small business retailers with Christmas in July


Christmas in July is a terrific retail tradition in Australia. It is an excellent opportunity to clear stock, boost foot traffic and reset the shop floor of any retail situation.

Using our POS software retailers can easily manage the Christmas in July. In particular, our POS software can help with:

  • Identifying what inventory you can pitch in Christmas in July to quit stock.
  • What sold at this time last year, and the year before.
  • Bundling items to given them a fresh look.
  • Managing the pricing offer between nominated date and time periods.
  • At the register pitching up-sell opportunities from the Christmas in July campaign.
  • Tracking the success of the campaign.

Christmas in July is a wonderful opportunity in almost any retail setting. We say this based on our experience working with a broad variety of specialty retailers. The key is to have a strong offer, well situated, pitched well, understood of all team members and targeted to sell what you need to sell. That’s the key here – the commercial outcome for your retail business.

Here at our POS software company we can help you make the most of the Christmas in July opportunity.

Here is a refreshed list of tips for making Christmas in July a success.

  1. Run the Christmas in July campaign over no more than two weeks in July. One week could be enough.
  2. Choose dates which are away from any other promotion – it works best with little competition.
  3. Get all team members engaged.
  4. Set aside spoke front of store, in their face.
  5. Dress the team and the store to suit the Christmas theme.
  6. Display any spare Christmas stock from last year.
  7. Play Christmas music.
  8. Choose a day for an extra special celebration and make this an all-out focus.
  9. Have a competition for the kids around the theme.
  10. Create a giant Christmas stocking which one lucky customer can win.
  11. Use the event to discount any slow moving items. It its a perfect opportunity to quit stock.
  12. Promote on social media.

Christmas in July is an excellent opportunity to get suppliers on board.  Maybe they could provide products for you to give away as gifts – I.E. every shopper gets spending over $10 a ‘Christmas’ gift.  Suppliers could use your promotion as an ideal time for trialling products and getting your customers engaged.

Retail express checkout with Tower Systems POS software


Retail express checkout is something we offer with our locally made and supported POS software.

What does it mean though, this retail express checkout?

It’s about safe speed, accurate speed. It’s about a customer experience they love and trust. It’s about retail express checkout.

In our POS software our customers can offer checkout online, on the shop floor, over the phone or at the sales counter. This is what retail express checkout looks like and feels like – what you need, where you need it and when you need it.

  • We help retailers transact with fewer keystrokes, which improves speed and accuracy.
  • We help retailers connect to various EFTPOS platforms, which improves speed and cuts mistakes.
  • We help retailers manage workflow in the sales process, which helps all involved.
  • We help retailers with a broad variety of selling processes.

Designed for high volume retail as well as specialty, comprehensive and often slower, retail. Our approach to selling provides retailers with facilities they can love as they trade in their businesses.

Our approach to retail express checkout is designed to help retailers provide the solution that works for them and for their customers.

We get it that speed is important in many retail settings. So is accuracy. As is integration with other business processes. This is why businesses benefit from a broader view of their processes.

In our installation, setup and training process we help small business retailers to integrate the POS software within their businesses, to tap into the solution in a way that benefits the business the most. It is this setup work that is key to helping a business leverage what it needs from within the POS software.

While Tower Systems offers POS services for all retailers, our core business is the provision of specialist software packages for fishing and outdoors businesses, bike shops, jewellers, gift shops, newsagents, pet shops, garden centres, firearms shops, health and nutrition businesses, bike shops and toy shops.

Many of our POS software co. team members have terrific retail experience and our software is informed by what happens in real world business – not from what happens behind a desk.

The company’s strong management infrastructure champions the small business, independent culture of Tower Systems.

Serial number tracking in POS software


The serial number tracking facilities in our POS software are appreciated across a range of specialty retail situation.

Having been first developed and jewellers, they were found to be useful in bike shops, too. Since then, they have been found to be useful in a range of specialty retail including firearms dealers, mobility scooter businesses, produce businesses, high-end game shops, sewing machine businesses and more.

Our serial number tracking tools are, we think, comprehensive and flexible.

By tracking serial numbers using the POS software, you can provide a level of service to customers they will appreciate. Serial numbers are listed on receipts. They are recorded, too, for later use should the item be stolen from the customer and they need to do a claim.

Tracking serial numbers in this POS software also sets your business up for longer term tracking of the service history of an item. This can be a valuable way to differentiate the services provided by your business.

Join Justin in a video that we shot recently on serial number tracking. Justin shows some of the benefits of the serial number tracking tools and answers some questions about these.

In the pet shop specialty retail channel, the serial number tracking tools within our POS software are used to record pet microchip details as they are a form of serial number. Being able to track pet microchips in this way, using the serial number tracking tools, helps pet shops to provide a service pet owners and lovers certainly appreciate.

Made here, locally, for local business needs, these serial number tracking tools are made to serve the needs of a variety of specialty retail businesses. Serving multiple retail channels is useful in that a need discovered in one is often of value to another. It is a key factor in the valuable evolution of what the software offers and how it works.

Tower Systems is grateful to its customers for guiding us on the needs in this serial number tracking space. They are the experts  and we appreciate their suggestions and guidance.

If you track serial num bars in your retail business, this could be for you.

Why should anyone buy from your retail business?


A question for local small business retailers …

Why should people buy from your business over another business?

You have a few seconds to answer.

It can’t be price because anyone can sell on price.

In most cases it can’t be products as other businesses can stock what you stock.

It can’t be opening hours because any business can match that.

It could be location. Location used to be a thing. But not as much today with online.

You, you and everyone working in the business is the reason. You are the difference.

What you do and how you do it. What you know and how you share it … these are the differences your business has over competitors. These are the differences you can leverage.

Our POS software can help you leverage you.

Made In Australia for local specialty retailers like bike shops, garden centres, produce businesses, gif shops, jewellers, fishing businesses, toy shops, sewing margin businesses, fabric shops, music shops, charity shops, newsagents and more.

Our POS software helps you leverage you.

We see this every day in our interaction with successful retailers in our community of 3,000 or so local specialty retailers. People do matter. It is the people who provide the difference in so many cases.

We are grateful that in our specialty retail POS software we help these local retail businesses to leverage their knowledge and their skills to deliver a differentiating experience and through this to help these businesses to prosper and grow.

Our POS software helps these local specialty retail businesses to show at the transaction level why people should shop with a business. We do this in a systematic, structured way that benefits the customers and through this benefits the business.

This is the answer to the why. Leverage your people and what they know and a competitor will be challenges to match you, especially a big competitor where people are blended into a large corporate backdrops and, all to often, lost within their big business systems, so that the big business provides a consistently average experience. It may work for mass, but it’s not what shoppers love in specialty retail areas.

People should buy from your business because of the value-add from your people.

Previewing new POS software update for customers


We are hosting a live preview of our latest POS software update this week, sharing a live demonstration of the latest software vis a customer-only Zoom meeting.

At this session we will be showing some new facilities as well as other enhancements in the software, including a new fast-tech reporting solution that is sure to be loved.

This Zoom session is the next in our series of customer / software development team engagement through which our customers can ask questions, provide feedback and play a more active role in what is considered in our POS software update process.

We are recording the session and making it available by way of registered private link for customers unable to be with us live to view.

There is no doubt here at Tower Systems as to the value of these customer engagement sessions. We are thankful that customers embrace the opportunity.

Fast selling with our smart POS software


Selling quickly at the counter and from anywhere in the shop is critical in retail today. Selling accurately is even more important. Combine the two and your retail business is able to offer a lever of service that customers will love.

What helps us offer smart fast and accurate selling through our POS software is our work with a ton of different specialty retail businesses.

  • Jewellers.
  • Garden centres.
  • Bike shops.
  • Bookshops.
  • Toy shops.
  • Pet shops.
  • Newsagents.
  • Produce businesses.
  • Sewing shops.
  • Antique shops.
  • Firearms dealers.
  • Pool maintenance businesses.
  • Fishing and outdoors businesses.
  • Repairs businesses.
  • Homewares businesses.
  • Convenience businesses.
  • Music shops.

All of these and more have influenced what we offer in our POS software. A specialty need for one becomes a useful add-on for another, helping them to broaden the appeal of their businesses, by being smarter, faster and more comprehensive in function.

It is this breadth of work that has enabled us to offer fast and accurate sales management at the retail sales counter through our Point of Sale software. We are grateful for this, for the guidance of our customers into these areas, to help grow our business and what we offer our customers.

A point of sale system is a software, training and services package that enables a retail business to manage sales, inventory data and customer data in a way that makes the business more successful and profitable, more able to compete locally and online. It is a holistic package serving the business.

Our approach at Tower Systems is to demystify the POS software and the system itself. We try and make it easy to learn and understand, to ensure that anyone can use the software to their advantage without having to be technical. This is done through plain English training, without jargon or nerd-speak. We back this up with extra training as needed, to help our customers top up their knowledge when they want.

Fast selling at the sales counter and from the shop floor is part of what we offer. We make it easy for small business retailers to achieve this and to do so with accuracy, for it is data accuracy that matters most in retail today. Good data feeds good business decisions.

Small business retail advice for the new financial year


It’s a new financial year and with that we have new opportunities to consider. Today, we share our advice for small business retailers, local independent retailers, for the 2021/22 financial year. This advice leverages years of experience serving local small business retailers and, in particular, the experience of the last eight months in which the coronavirus pandemic has played a big role.

  • Less is more. Many retail businesses can make more money carrying less stock. Yes, we know that sounds odd. But, it’s true. Too many retail businesses are full of stock, often too much stock, to make a shop look full. For some, this is a stack em high watch em fly approach. The evidence in data from hundreds of local retail businesses is that quitting dead stock, freeing space and re-casting the shop floor story can drive sales growth. We know of a shop that early this year cut inventory by 20% and increased revenue by 35%.
  • Mine your data. Your business data is your best business guide. Mine it for advice as to steps you can take. We are certain that in every retail business there is data on which they can act for the benefit of the business. The best place to start is dead stock, stock long ago paid for you that has not sold in months.
  • New traffic. New shopper traffic is your future. While current traffic is important, it will most likely deliver the success that you are used to. New traffic is net bottom line beneficial. Chasing new traffic depends on the products you offer and how you pitch them outside your business. This is where social media and an online web store play a key role in helping you to reach new shoppers who don’t know about your business today.
  • Trim waste. Trim dead stock, trim roster overload, trim expensive suppliers, suppliers who are not cost effective for your operation. Think of this as a whole of business declutter for a leaner and healthier future.
  • Listen. There are likely to be people in your business who are not in decision making roles yet who may have opinions worth listening to. Ask them for their ideas. Consider the ideas. be open to changes that could help the business.

This is some of our small business retail new financial year advice. we are grateful to help our customers, through our POS software, in a variety of ways.

The end of the financial year


Wow, what a year it has been, this 2020 / 2021 financial year.

As we sit here in our Hawthorn, Victoria, office early this morning, looking back on the year, beyond the challenges and opportunities, yes, opportunities, of the coronavirus pandemic, this year has been big on plenty of fronts, very big in fact.

  • New software. We are grateful to our team of dedicated software developers who have enabled us to deliver some beautiful new facilities in our POS software. These new facilities have been an important part of key software updates tested and then released to our customers.
  • New services. Thanks to the dedication of our help desk team we have launches some new services in the last year, which have been loved by our customers as they have sought to gain even more value from our POS software.
  • New under the hood. We have been working on our internal systems, delivering new tech with new facilities that help in serving our customers. We are so thankful to have been able to do this.
  • New connections. Thanks to engagement by our customers we have made new connections though our online workshops, our community calls and more as we have leveraged different ways we can reach out to our customers and talk with them. these conversations are truly beneficial in us and them getting more from the POS software and the relationships it facilitates.
  • New customers. This is the icing on the cake for us, so many new friends, new connections, new businesses to work with, learn from and share with. Every new customer is this and much more and for this we are sincerely grateful. Indeed, the number of new customers is quite stunning. This year has been a good year for new customers.

We are ending this financial year on a high, and for that we are truly grateful. We are encouraged, too, for what the next financial year will bring, where it will take us, what we will discover and those we will meet.

We understand that for some, these times are not so great. Based on our experience, offer …  plan for better days, train for strength and endurance. Cultivate your land so that it offers abundance for you and all who work with you in your business. yes, it can sound a bit twee … but it is true. The successes we have in business are usually down to planning and commitment to professional and efficient execution.

Roll on 2021/2022, if you anything like this last year it will be awesome!

Supplier / retailer forums help retailers and suppliers


We are grateful to have participated a series of supplier forums recently in which we have been able to explore more commercially beneficial engagement between suppliers and retailers who stock their products.

Or tech is the glue in the relationship. We help both sides benefit more from a tighter relationship.

Thanks to Covid there is less face to face contact between supplier representatives and retailers. By us providing access to a tech based meeting platform, we have been able to bring them together and their respective benefit as well as our own.

From more useful data flow to value-add data insights, working more closely in the retailer / supplier relationship space is delivering some wonderful rewards.

We are grateful for this opportunity.

Helping retailers fix problematic websites


We offer a service whereby we help small business retailers fix problems with websites created for them by another business.

While our preference is to create a fresh website using the skills of our webbed team, in some cases it is better to fix what others have done. So, that’s what we do.

We help our customers connect their tower POS software to their Shopify, WooCommerce or Magento website. W have a proprietary platform through data flows between the website and the POS software, s0o that the POS software maintains accurate stock on hand data.

It is frustrating seeing some of the mistakes in websites delivered to customers by external web developers. They range from poor design through to technical failures. All fixable, but all should have been addressed as part of the solution delivered.

Our skills webbed team is ale to help our small business retail customers fix many of the website problems they have been left with by others. Sometimes, this work evolves into a re-design to make the website look more presentable.

With the website an online representation of a retail shop, it is important to get it right, to get the website itself right as well as the connection to the website with the POS software right. We offer web developers a ton of help to do this. Unfortunately, some of them reject that help, thinking they know better. oo often, what they deliver demonstrates that they did not know better. This is why we end up spending time fixing issues, fixing their websites to be of commercial value to our customers.

Our years of experience in commercial web development using Shopify, Magento and Woo see us with a terrific skill set, which we leverage for our customers through the websites we deliver to them.

Our web development work is fixed price, based on a thorough understand of what each customer needs. We only get to this point once we are certain we know exactly what a customer is looking for from a website. The biggest mistake we see web developers make is not knowing what a customer needs or wants. We see this when we are called in to fix problems with websites.

Supporting shop local with handmade gift wreaths


We are grateful to have created the Shopify site for selling gift wreaths online, from a shop that is also running our POS software. The data flow and image flow from our POS software to the Shopify website, and back, saves time and reduces mistakes in small business retail.

This gift wreath, made locally in Mount Waverley, is part of a range of beautiful, hand made and postable gifts.

Stocktake Q&A for retailers


Monday last week at the office we shot and released this stocktake video to our POS software customers as part of a kit of advice on stocktake 2021. This was sent to our customers by email as well as shared on our private social media platforms.

This is another example of fresh content we provide to our customers.

We also released a longer form full stocktake training video for those keen for more of a specific how to stocktake.

Help for businesses forced to temporarily close due to Covid


In late February 2020 we put in place a set of measures, assistances and advice to help any of our customers forced to close temporarily due to Covid.

Those measures, assistances and advice remain in place today, accessible to all of our customers.

As businesses in NSW are today further impacted by Covid transmission suppression moves by the state government, we are here to help in specific and tangible ways.

Today, Saturday, for example, we have been taking calls for help from business owners with businesses in NSW with queries about transacting online, engaging with click and collect or closing from shopfront trade. There are several opportunities in our software and our broader customer service arrangements to help our community of customers.