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Suppliers support Point of Sale initiative


Retailers using our Point of Sale software now have access to electronic invoices from more suppliers thanks to initiatives we have taken in recent months.

Earlier this year we embarked on an education program for retail suppliers to help them understand the payoff for their businesses when they engage with retailers electronically.

While it has been a slow field to plough with some suppliers, once they get it they jump on board.  Retailers and their suppliers soon unlock tremendous benefits thanks to the supplier support facilities embedded in our Point of Sale software.

We see retail as a partnership between a many stakeholders.  Two of the most important stakeholders are the retailers and their suppliers.  Bringing them together electronically as we do enables them to better support each other and this is reflected in the bottom line performance of the respective businesses.  Further, a better relationship between suppliers and retailers supports all other stakeholders.

We are grateful for the excellent facilities we have for easily connecting with suppliers.  Our line online video conferencing tools have been especially useful in this project.

The pay off for this supplier-focussed work is more sales.  The word of mouth from suppliers and customers is welcome and wonderful.